Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Multiple quandaries

Today is going to be week 1 day 3 for me on the couch to 5k plan. Oh, before continuing, I want to welcome Blubba to the couch to 5k support group, er, I mean the group of people doing the couch to 5k. Welcome! That makes jb, Ashley, Blubba and me. Woo hoo!

Anyway, today is my day to run. And that would be just fine, except that I’m ALREADY running. I woke up this morning with an insane urge to pee, and I had to run to the bathroom. That isn’t unusual given the water intake I (try to) have. But this morning, it was worse. I think I’m coming down with a bladder infection. Ack! I’ve been running to and from the bathroom repeatedly this morning. Like, even more repeatedly than normal, even.

So I still have every intention of doing my run, but I’m a little challenged as to how to do it if I can’t go very long without peeing. I can’t exactly squat on a corner or lift a leg on a fire hydrant like a dog.

Oh, and dogs … that leads me to my next quandary. Did I mention that we had a party this past Saturday? Did I mention that I drank my weight in mimosas? (Hmm, you’d think all that vitamin C would be fighting this bladder infection. But I digress.)

So this past Saturday I’m all getting my drink on, and I start talking to my next door neighbor about how I’ve started the couch to 5k program. He has a dog, you see, and while he’s at work all day the dog is at home alone. I figure if I’m out running around the neighborhood before neighbor gets home, I might as well grab the dog and bring him along. We discuss this, and he’s open to the option, but then we start discussing how he is no dog whisperer; the dog may not be so good on the leash. We have a short dog whisperer conversation, blah blah blah, party continues.

Fast forward a couple hours. By this time my mimosas contain almost no orange juice. The last couple people, including the neighbor, are leaving. I’m trying to convince neighbor to take goodies with him, since he’s having a super bowl party on Sunday, but he resists. So what do I do? I “tssst” him repeatedly. Like the dog whisperer. Apparently I sense that calm assertive energy and a good handful of “tssst’s” will make the neighbor calm submissive, and he’ll take the goodies?

What the hell?

Alcohol is a strange, strange chemical.

So the dilemma … should I go talk to the neighbor about borrowing his dog? Maybe I should just try to let both of us forget the whole thing. Was I acting as crazy as I think I was? *sigh* Damn that demon alcohol. I guess I should be grateful … it could have been worse, right?


Oh well, that dilemma can wait. I’ll deal with facing the neighbor later. Maybe I can get over the embarrassment by this coming weekend. The more pressing issue is the issue of running with my sad broken bladder. I guess I could just run around the block over and over. That way I can stop in to the house to pee as needed.

I’ll keep you posted. I’m sure you want all the details on my running AND on my urinary tract. Oh, and of course on my new assertive/submissive relationship with my neighbor.


Amy said...

So you do not want to take the dog? Or you just said you would based on your inebbriated state.

Sounds like if the dog is not leash trained you would spend more time dealing with that than your training!

HappyBlogChick said...

Oh, I'm completely willing to give the dog a shot. If it doesn't work it doesn't work ... I'm not MARRYING the dog. Hee hee!

But at this point I'm not sure I want to talk to the owner ... I suspect he thinks I'm a lunatic!

Grumpy Chair said...

Yay to your weightloss. Good luck with the dog.

Hope you begin to feel better (cranberry juice is your friend.)

Selma said...

That is all so funny!! LMAO. How about a dog of your own? I say if your brave enough to face the guy again, it might be fun to take the dog. I'll stop by again to find out more about the dog saga.

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog.


Sarah said...

Drink cranberry juice by the bucket! This seriously works. A friend of mine went through a 3 year phase of chronic bladder infections and this was one of her successful techniques in getting rid of them before they became 'full blown'.

ThickChick said...

Ahahahahahah!!! That totally cracks me up! I LOVE Caesar Milan!

I hope you have your neighbor's neck a little pinch as you 'tssss'ed' him!

My dog hates running. He hides whenever he suspects I'm going to try to take him.

jb said...

I hate to laugh at your embarrassing situation, but...hahahahha! Such a funny post! I think we've all done some pretty stupid things under the influence. Good luck with the neighbour (and the dog, I suppose). I hope you feel better soon! Let me know how your run goes.

HappyBlogChick said...

Thanks grumpy chair and sarah ... I am having some serious mental debates about cranberry juice (all those calories! I'm all for fruit, but you take out the fiber and I'm not as on board). I should probably just go for it.

Selma, I would LOVE to have a dog someday. RIght now I have a crazy geriatric cat that would flip out if we got a dog. We've decided to let her live out her life in peace, and then we'll get a dog.

thickchick - thank gawd I did not do the little pinch neck thing. Lord.

jb - I'm doing OK - not 100% but I'll survive. I just finished my run, and it went well. Maybe a tad harder than days 1 and 2, but not too bad. I'm ready to try week 2 now! How about you? Oh, and did you see that joined us in our c25k fun?

Anonymous said...