Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where Am I? (Volume 6)

Happy Tuesday! Where am I in my weight loss journey, you ask?

Weight loss since last Tuesday: 1.4 lbs (136.6 vs. 135.2). Yay! I’m super-close to goal!

Weight loss since fall 2007 (most recent leg of weight loss journey): 17.2 lbs (152.4 vs. 135.2).

Total weight lost (entire weight loss journey): 31.8 lbs (167 vs. 135.2). I earned my 30 lb badge last week, so nothing new to report here.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’m having some minor motivation issues. Nothing that is going to derail me completely, but I do think my heart isn’t in the weight loss groove as much these past couple weeks. I’ve been close to goal but not AT goal for a while now. My goal is 132-133, and I’m currently at 135.2. SO. CLOSE. I have to say that I’m eager to get to goal, but maybe not as eager as I should be. It’s a little frustrating to be so close to goal but not there, but …

While one part of me is a little frustrated, another part of me is OK with where I am, as strange as that sounds. Like I said, my goal is 132-133 lbs. Why such a strange number as goal? Because I bought a lot of clothes the last time I was at 132-133. I’d like those clothes to fit again, and I need to lose a couple more pounds and firm up just a little more for all of them to fit.

Right now most of the clothes fit, but a couple things don’t fit perfectly. The non-fitting clothes? One pair of shorts and a pair of Capri pants are a tad bit tight in the thighs. I can put them on, but the thighs are just a tad too big for them to be a perfect fit.* But have you looked outside? SNOW. I’m not exactly in need of shorts and Capri pants at the moment, and the jeans I bought at the same time do fit.

Right now, if the scale moves slowly downward I’m a-OK with it. I think I’m going to officially take my focus OFF the scale and focus more on exercise. I’ve decided that as long as I get these last couple pounds off by mid-April, I’m happy. The key for me is to not let it start moving BACKWARDS. As of right now, I’m aiming for a maintain or a loss every week for the next 5 or 6 weeks. If I can do that and exercise at the same time, I’ll be back in those shorts and capris just in time to wear them on vacation at the end of April.

So everyone, I have a couple favors to ask. Please support me in thinking that maintaining or tiny losses are great, wonderful, and exactly what I need.

Also, I want you guys to know that for me, reaching goal isn’t touching it one day. I weigh daily, so my scale goes up and down and up and down and up and down. In my mind, I’ll have reached goal when the average weigh-in for a seven day period is 133. I’m telling everyone this so that I don’t get lots of premature congratulations when I have a downward blip in my weight. It’s disheartening to have to say “Actually, I’m not at goal. See, the scale every day since then is 2 pounds higher.” Maybe on my daily posts I’ll start giving the running last 7 day average so we’re all on the same page.

Anyway, enough about that damned scale.

I think that I’m much more focused and motivated about exercise. This is a change – usually that’s the hard part for me. But I’ve really gotten into this couch to 5k program. I love seeing the progress, I love finding that I’m capable of more than I think I am, I love having a specific goal (running a 5k on April 19th), I love that I can do it outside when it’s nice and in the gym when it’s not … I love it.

Now, we’ll see if I keep loving it after this week. Tonight I run a couple of 8 minute periods – 8 minutes! Ack! Then the next run after that, I run 20 minutes straight. TWENTY MINUTES! I don’t even know what to say about that.

How did the exercise go this week?

Exercise: I did it! I earned my exercise badge! My goal was 3x couch to 5k runs and 2x strength training, and I did it. It feels good to say I met that goal.
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My exercise goal this week will be very similar: Couch to 5k runs 3x, strength training 2x, and this week I’m also adding in a short abs workout 5x. As the week progresses I’ll keep you posted on how the progressively longer runs on the couch to 5k program are going.

It’ll be a challenging week to get all my workouts in. My brother is visiting from out of town, so my free time isn’t very free. But luckily I think he’ll understand completely, so I should be able to sneak out to get a quick workout in when I need to. I’m so excited about seeing him! I’m also curious if he’ll notice that I’ve lost weight since Christmas.

Anyway, I hope all of you have a wonderful week, and that you are successful in meeting your goals.

*Yes, some of that is muscle. But I can look in the mirror and easily see that it isn’t all muscle. Saddlebags do not equal muscle!


Felicia said...

*HAPPY DANCE* 1.4lbs is AMESOME!!! Can you believe how darn close you are to goal!! I am so proud of you! You are inspiring and you motivate me to do better every single day.

Big Congrats on getting your Exercise Badge this week. You earned it!! I think your change of focus from the scale to the work outs is a brilliant plan.

Keep on keeping on as you are DOING IT!!

Have a SUPER wonderful day!

Kathy said...

You are wise to appreciate the value of all those small weight losses...they mean you are headed in the right direction. And your body has an opportunity to adjust when you lose slowly. You're doing great!!!

paul said...

Considering that reaching your goal weight really isn't the finish line at all, just a leg in the journey, it's nice to hear of your plans of what to do afterwards. I've been thinking about the same thing (what happens once the goal is met), though in my case, it's putting the cart a bit before the horse. ;-) I wonder whether some people, once they reach their goal, finds the victory kindof empty... like "now what?" I don't know if you experienced that or not last time. But you have an answer to the "now what" question.

I like your lose or maintain philosophy. Hopefully you can avoid letting the scale drive you crazy.

Keep a last 7 day average? Sounds a little crazy, if you ask me...

It's nice to see you're doing so well on exercise. I have to twist my own arm to do it, but exercise (speaking for myself) is the thing that makes it all work.

Unrelated personal question of the day: Older or younger brother?

sauchagirl said...

Keep your weight goal in the back of your head but why not make another goal of "just to get into those clothes and stay in them"? That way it's not a number. Like you said your weight will fluctuate daily a few ounces or pounds but what you will always know is if your clothes fit.

In my eyes you've met your goal! I think you're doing fantastic and your switch to concentrating on fitness is a super idea because isn't that what it's ultimately all about anyway?

Have a great day!

Kate said...

So close to goal! Way to go girl!

Ready Maid said...

I'm so inspired by your level-headed approach to this business of becoming fit and healthy. Thanks for sharing such wise insights.

Manuela said...

You're awesome Happy.

I'm wondering about the clothes you say you're not fitting into because of the extra pounds. When you bought those things, had you been exercising? I know that things are fitting me a lot differently now because my body type has changed.

Those pesky little pounds--good for you to not let it get you down. Just to let you know, I've had so many liquids today that I might start to float!!!

HappyBlogChick said...

Felicia - I know you don't go back and re-read comments, but hopefully you'll somehow feel the THANK YOU energy I'm sending you. :-)

Kathy - thanks!

Paul - thinking of post-goal is really important to me. I've reached goal and gained the weight back TOO MANY times. Enough of that. I need to focus on keeping it off.

sauchagirl - I agree 100%. When those last couple pairs of pants fit it will be a huge victory, and when/if they ever stop fitting it should be a huge red flag!

Kate and ready made - thanks! You guys are great.

manuela - I had been exercising ... I think it's safe to say that when I firm up a tad more and get a little more body fat off, I'll be in them no problem. I can put them on now, they're just a little bit tighter than is ideal. PS - I'm with you on the water! I'm trying to drink more earlier in the day.

jen said...

Wow! I didn't realize you were so skinny. :) I'll still let you read my blog, though.

Cammy said...

Good for you on the 1.4, and for the attention on the gym. Even if the scale plays mean, the extra gym time might sculpt the body right into those capris. You're right on track for April, I think. (Did I mention I'm clairvoyant?)

jodi said...

congrats on your loss, so close, so close! have fun w/your brother! :o)

Heather said...

fantastic job this week! you are SOOO close to your goal, I am jealous. I hear you though.. when I hit mine, I am going to try to lose a little below it, because I know my body fluctuates too.

good for you for getting in that exercise, now just keep it up! you will get there and we will all be here to continue to support you.

ashley said...

You and your "have to weigh in the same for forever"! I will congratulate you up and down when you hit it for eve ONE day!

Isn't it funny how we will lose those extra pounds for our clothes!? I laugh, because I totally do it too.

Have fun with your little brother- and stay on top of that exercise! C-2-5K??

Lora said...

Tiny losses and maintaing are GREAT accomplishments. Don't let the number on the scale dictate your moods. It's only a number! you're doing awesome so pat yourself ont he back!

Swizzlepop said...

Congrats on the loss and at being so close! I'm a daily weigher too so I know exactly what you mean about needing to see the number more than once to know that you are THERE. Good luck, you will do it!

sybil said...

Seems like you are taking a very logical approach to your goal.

Congrats on doing so well and seeing at as a long-term plan rather than simply reaching the goal and bouncing back up.

Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration.

MomOf3 said...

You are doing awesome! I like the idea of averaging the weights of 7 days to make goal. Neat idea!