Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where am I? Volume 9 (Alternate Title: Second verse, same as the first)

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time to ask the question I ask every Tuesday … Where am I in my weight loss health and fitness journey?

Yeah, I’m late this week. Oops.

Anyway, where am I? Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I am AT GOAL in terms of weight! Yay! The last few weeks I've been de-emphasizing weight because it was making me crazy to focus on the scale when the numbers were decreasing soooooo slooooowly, but this week I’m all about talking about weight. I’m at goal! All my pants fit again, shopping is fun again, I’m satisfied when I look in the mirror. There’s nothing crazy-making about being at goal.

The thing is, there’s nothing FINAL about being at goal either.

This isn’t the end of anything, really. I get to eat a wee little bit more, I increase the calories some, but otherwise I have to keep doing what I’ve been doing. Don’t get me wrong, I have a sense of accomplishment about reaching goal and I’m going to reward myself for getting here, but I’m also well aware that the journey isn’t over. Heck, it’s hardly begun.

I’ve been at goal before. Actually, I’ve been at goal a couple times. I’ve never STAYED at goal. When it comes right down to it, my big overriding goal isn’t to be at my goal weight, it’s to stay at my goal weight. That, for me, is the true challenge.

So, a quick moment of celebration and badge-tasticness:
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(It says at goal and maintaining … I am at goal, and since I’m looking at the average weight from the past week, I’m calling that maintaining. Yay for a pretty badge!)

Now, back to the business of living a healthy life, because the journey isn’t over.


Exercise: My goal for last week was 3x cardio via couch to 5k workouts and 2x strength training. Uhhh, yeah. I’m glad I got that “goal” badge because I sure wasn’t going to get the exercise badge this week. I did 1x couch to 5k and 0x strength training. Thank goodness for new weeks – this week has already gone better than last week.

And thank goodness my slackerness last week doesn’t seem to have affected my ability to run 25 minutes. I did OK with my run on Monday (which is, for me, the start of the new week). It was hard, but I took it slow and it wasn’t impossible. I’ll do a 25 minute run again today – wish me luck! Today will be couch to 5k week 7 day 3 … later this week I start week 8 and increase my time to 28 minutes. YIKES.

Oh yeah, and let’s do the official numbers on the weight loss:

Weight loss since last Tuesday: 0.8 lbs (134.0 vs. 133.2).

Weight loss since fall 2007 (most recent leg of weight loss journey): 19.2 lbs (152.4 vs. 133.2). Hmmm, I bet I’ll get a 20 lb badge at some point. We’ll see. I’m happy with my weight right now, but it never hurts to see a bright shiny new badge, and it falls in my weight goal range …

Total weight lost (entire weight loss journey): 33.8 lbs (167 vs. 133.2).

I want to thank all of you for your support on this journey and helping me celebrate my new at-goal status. It means a lot to me. I’m looking forward to having all of you join me here in maintenance-land!


sauchagirl said...

How do you plan on getting those extra calories? Are you going to change your workouts at all? What do you plan on doing after you're done with C25K? So many Q's! :) I'm so happy that you're at goal. How are you gonna celebrate?!

Have a great day!

dietbook said...

ABSOLUTELY wonderful. :-) I love your clarity of mind and purpose...because I think maintenance is really scary and hard a lot of the time. I know you'll do great and of course you'll have all of us here to cheer you on. You've done SO awesomely. Bravo!


watchinmyweight said...

Wow congrats...that is awesome! I am so happy for you! :)

briy said...

(Or, as my students say "CONGRATURATIONS!"... That r/l gets us EVERYTIME!)

I'm sad that I somehow missed looking at your blog yesterday, but I'm tardily arriving to say "Wow!" and "Good for you!" I hope you have a bunch of wonderful rewards for yourself in mind. I'm most worried about being able to maintain when I go back home to The Land of Plenty (of Mexican food!) and have to cook for myself and no longer live with a homestay mom. But, I know if I can reach goal, I'll be so happy with my new body that I'll do whatever it takes to keep it (even learn to cook!)

To answer the question you posed on my blog... YES, we do a lot of pantomiming at home. My Korean's improved over the months, and my host mom's English has gotten a little better, but there are some things that are so much easier to pantomime. For example, my host mom really thinks I'm going to drop dead at any time because I'm eating less rice (and MORE meat and veggies), so yesterday she pantomimed collapsing, followed by "Don't." It was funny, but I had to convince her I'd really be okay. She then looked up the word anemic in the dictionary, and said "Balance!"

I'm not sure how eating less rice (but still some at every meal) and more vegetables and protein could lead to anemia, but whatever. At least she's happy about my weight loss. So happy that she sometimes takes my calendar (where I write weights every day) and shows it to complete strangers. (ARGH!)

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS again! Only 25ish more pounds before I can join you in maintenance land. I'm looking forward to it too!

Take care!

Kathy said...

Let's hear it for reaching goal. I hope to do it someday. And you are so right that this is not the end but just the beginning of a lifetime of maintaining. We're all here to cheer you on!

Cat said...

Love the new badge.

Heather said...

well congrats again! I am so excited for you. and you are right, its not like you get to goal and its over, there is still a lot of work that goes into maintaining your weight and getting adjusted to not alwyas being in weight loss mode. but I know you will do great and am just so thrilled for you! I cant wait to join you at mine!

Aaron Cunningham said...

Congrats! Well done keeping on task with food and have a great run!

Spider63 said...

Congratulations on achieving your goal weight. I have been close many times, but have never gotten there. Good luck to you in staying at goal!!

LoserIrene said...

Getting to goal is fantastic! Congratulations!

You are right's only the beginning. The first phase of your new ealthy life is over. On to the second.

Maintaining weight and keeping healthy.

Kate said...

woo hoo! congrats.

As you said though, now the real journey begins!

Felicia said...

Ok I was sure I posted to this before but knowing me I did the whole post up and forgot to hit publish HAHAHA>

Congrats on reaching goal! That is just so simply amazing! I am totally jealous *grin*. You can maintain. You are doing just awesome and so now you just have to enjoy your success!!

Keep on keeping on!!


bigfatforang said...

Man... I am so proud of you. You are at your goal weight AND you are are a runner. The fact that you enjoy running (and have plans to keep it up) is going to help you stay at goal weight long term.

Great job - You are a great inspiration. I hope you keep blogging :) Julia

40 by 40 said...

WOOOOO HOOOO ! Congratulations on MAKING GOAL!!! THat is amazing. You have been working hard and deserve all the glory. It's great that you and your hubby are running together!! Such a nice, positive thing to do as a couple!!! Go Happy Go!

Anonymous said...

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