Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A letter to the scale

Dear scale -

Why, why are you toying with me so? Haven't I been good to you over the years? I change your batteries, I visit you daily ... we're close. You and my husband are the only two who regularly see me nude.

What have I done to deserve this persecution?

I know. I know that a week ago the numbers were higher, and I should be happy with the information you give me today. Looking at the 142.0 number vs. the 140.6 number should satisfy me. But I'm not satisfied. I'm just not, and that's that.

At heart, I even know that you're only the messenger. I won't kill the messenger. Although I'm tempted to throw you out the window, I'm not going to do it. Windows are expensive. Er, um, *cough* ... I mean you're too valuable to me, and I know that what you're telling me isn't your fault.

But I have a problem. Late this week, I have to travel for work. I'll have to find a way to be healthy while I eat out, and I'll need to find a time and place to get some exercise when I'm away from home and away from my gym. I'll be away from my online blogger support system. Upon my return I'll be dealing with all the repercussions of those things while at the same time retaining water from the air travel.

What's the bottom line? On Monday when I visit you, I'm not going to like what you have to tell me.

So here's the deal. Could you please give me some good news this week? Something, say, in the 130's? Next week might not be so pleasant, so how about we make this week a week to remember?

It's a small request. Think about it.

With all my love,

(Thanks to Amy for the air travel water retention link above.)


Ashley said...

Ahhhhh! It's doing it again! Silly little sclae... just tell it that you'll replace it if it doesn't behave. But it is being nice- 140 is great!

Still waiting for that picture! How can I talk to someone when I have no idea what their face looks like?

Katy said...

Damn you scale...damn you

HappyBlogChick said...

I know, right!??! That scale is on my sh*t list today.

I'm cautiously optimistic about tomorrow, though. I had a GREAT workout yesterday and maybe I'm just retaining some water in my muscles. (Wishful thinking?)

Ashley, the picture - I haven't forgotten. I was looking for a photo and realized that none of my pics from prior to Feb 2007 are in my computer. I want to find one for you when I'm at goal AND over weight this past fall, so I need one from 2006.

We got a new computer last Feb. and I SWEAR I moved my old pics over, but apparently not. I still have my old computer (but not attached to a monitor, etc.) so I have to hook it all up and transfer them all. Since i'm going out of town it'll have to be the weekend of Jan 26/27 that I go picture-hunting.

But, just to prepare you ... I may only email them out on request to folks who I've exchanged comments and/or emails with. I'll explain more when I finally have pictures, but no worries, of course you'd be someone I'd send them to!

Katy said...

My theory on new year at the gym:

February 15th is the day it will go back to normal. I have worked at several gyms and the day after Valentine's day is so depressing for most people that they will stop working toward their goals and get out of OUR gym. This is when it will all begin - by St. Patty's day everyone will be COMPLETELY back to normal (first big drinking holiday). We just have to persevere through it too!

HappyBlogChick said...

Ahhhh, I like your theory, katy. One month till the gym isn't crazy! Yay!

Manic Mom said...

Hey, you're giving blood tomorrow! You'll be down a pound for sure! It's a proven fact that a pint weighs one pound! Just don't eat the high fat snacks after--choose something light, like the pretzels!

Make sure to bring your camera--I want that photo! You'll be my third contestant! Can't wait to see your smiling face with that tournequet around your arm! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Tina said...

That's really interesting about the flying thing... I never heard that before. I will def work on that before my trip to Europe in March! Thanks for posting the tip! And hang in... I can't WAIT to be where you are!!

Ashley said...

So how was the scale today? A bit friendlier?