Monday, January 28, 2008

Lost: Motivation. If found, please contact HappyBlogChick. Thank you.

I'm having some motivation problems.

This past Tuesday I was all like "It is time! Let's do this thing! I'm going to work out and eat right and blah blah blah!" Yeah. Right. I only worked out one time last week. My eating was not back to out-of-control Christmastime feasting levels, but I made fewer healthy choices as compared to earlier this month and pre-Christmas. I didn't drink my water, eat my veggies, limit my alcohol consumption (mmmm boooooze), or seek out whole grains.

I mean, I assume that pizza I had last night wasn't whole grain. Let's call Domino's and ask.

I think the only thing I've done that I said I would do is reach out to more healthy minded bloggers and build a support system. Maybe I should celebrate that I did work on that goal ... or perhaps I should recognize that reaching out to folks online is both good for my fitness goals and a good excuse for goofing off. *sigh*

Bottom line? My motivation is lagging.

It's not completely gone, don't get me wrong. I'm actively trying to figure out ways to get my mind back where it needs to be. Looking at the big picture helps ... I've lost a bit over 10 lbs since fall, and a little over 25 lbs if you compare now to my heaviest weight ever. I haven't forgotten what I've accomplished. But the problem isn't that I don't think I can do this weight-loss thing. I know I can do it. I'm not discouraged; I'm just not motivated right now. So, looking at how well I've done only gets me so far.

Sometimes what motivates me is trying on my cute clothes that don't fit anymore. I have lots of cute clothes that don't fit. That approach didn't do it for me this weekend, though. Most of the cute clothes that don't fit are summer clothes - shorts, cute summery lightweight tops, summer dresses, etc. Since I can't wear them right now I don't need to lose weight right now, right? I do have jeans that don't fit, but that isn't working for me as a motivator. There just isn't enough difference between the jeans I'm in now paired with a bulky sweater vs. my skinny jeans with a bulky sweater.

The way I see it, I have two options at this point. I can maintain where I am for a while, or I can find the motivation and keep going. When I sit here and contemplate those two options, maintaining at this weight is not appealing at all. So there's my answer. I have to find that motivation.

I have to find that motivation.

I am going to find that motivation.


Felicia said...

LOL well if you find the source for motivation be sure you share where you got it ok!! Could use a big dose myself *grin*.

Hope you have a SUPER week!

Grumpy Chair said...

It looks like you have been doing this since last September. And it takes its toll.

Can you read a motivational book, maybe one that helped you in the beginning get started on your healthy eating plan?

Sometimes, it is best to just "do it" and after a few days, maybe the old motivation will kick in.

Kate said...

I think it happens to even the best of us, sometimes it all just takes a toll and we mentally lose that motivation. Best you can do is hang on, try your best and eventually you will get that motivation back!

Anonymous said...

Don't give up. We all have those days. Try to buy a fitness magazine or something about health that will really jump start the motivation again. think about the good things that happens to your body when you eat veggies.. is not only about losing weight. Don't give up! ;) Think about those cute clothing that you still want to wear

Kery said...

Well I sure hope you'll find that motivation back. Personnally, I have absolutely none these days; on the other hands, since I only have two pair of pants that really fit and am tired of squeezing into those that are still a little too tight, I don't really have a choic. :) ("Buying new pants" is not an option. To do so, I'd need money, and this is unfortunately a rare sighting in my home. XD)

The thing that really helps me, at least, is that I actually really like veggies and "healthier" options, so it makes things a little less daunting. If there are healthy dishes you love, even if not a lot of them, maybe you could focus on them for a while, so that it'd either boost your motivation, or at least not make things harder?

athena said...

What the jenny craig commercials totally don't highlight is the necessary period of drudgery that accompanies all weight loss attempts. No one loses 5 pounds a week forever, it just gets harder and harder and sticking with it earns you big huge props. Whether you're motivated or not, determination will see you through.

ThickChick said...

Yeah, if there was a magic cure we'd all be at goal! My motivation ebbs and flows too. I guess I just see this as a journey I'll be on forever!

That said... I don't normally like women's magazines, however, I picked up Self at my eyebrow appointment over the weekend and there was a section that I thought was really insightful about loving your body. They even featured models whose thighs looked like they touched each other! =) It was a good read and I found myself thinking about it throughout the day.

Lidian said...

Oh, yes, I can relate - I lost about 35 lbs and was roughly at goal at the end of 2002 and I have been up and down 5-10 lbs since then - it just gets so - boring, after awhile, and it is hard work.

You will find the groove again. For me, it is keeping the blog, and maybe the odd good new book, or idea - or something someone else posts.

Ashley said...

Look at you-- you're all motivational even with having lost your motivation! You've done fantastic-- remember that.
My advice: Take a clear look through your blog and see all of your progress. Also, just maintain for today. Tomorrow, too, if needed. Treat yourself nice. Then soon you'll find your motivation and wah-lah!
Good luck. =)

alice said...

hi! you and i have very similiar stats (although i don't know how tall you are). i also started out around 150 and am currently hovering around 140. it's nice to have found yet another inspiring diet blogger!

and yesss..i know what you mean about the disappearance of motivation. maybe it's the blah weather but i too have been losing it lately.

HappyBlogChick said...

Thanks for all the support, guys!

I think that those of you who said "stick with it, just keep going, don't give up" have it right. I need to just trudge on ... maybe the trudge will turn back into a skip, right?

Alice, I'm 5'6". I should put that in a sidebar or something, eh?

Amy said...

^agree w/ Athena

It really isn't about motivation. It's about determination. Motivation is what starts you out losing weight, determination is what keeps you going and gets you there.

I know you are determined to get where you want to be. You need to figure out what will keep you on track for each day. What are you willing to do tomorrow, to keep on plan? Post your journal? Tell us what your workout plan will be and then report it? Plan your meals?

Whenever I need a good swift kick in the rear, I sit down and make a plan for the week. Plan my meals, grocery shop. Then each night I plan for the next day: get my water ready for the day, pack my gym bag, have breakfast and snacks ready to go, defrost meats for dinner, etc. I don't want to have an excuse come up that will derail me. "Oh crap! I forgot to take chicken out! I really don't want to deal with defrosting it's too late! I'll just go get 'x'." That's happened too many times. My old self is very predictable, and I do what I can to keep her behaviors in the past.

Really. Just like with working out...if you wait until you "want" to do will wait a long time. If you wait for your motivation to come bouncing cheerfully may keep on waiting. Tell yourself you are determined to get to "x" lbs, then make a plan to get there.

holly said...

i don't say this to deflate you, but your heaviest is only about 4 pounds above my thinnest. ouch.

oh i just read amy's comment. she fairly rocks. listen to that chick. and i will do the same.

HappyBlogChick said...

Holly, would deflating me get me to goal? I'm all about that! ;-)

Thanks for the helpful words, Amy!