Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where am I? (Volume 1)

Now that I'm in the Healthy You Challenge, every Tuesday I'll be posting a "where am I in my weight loss journey" stats check.

Last week I posed the question "Should I report my pounds lost based on the heaviest weight I've ever been, or should I report it based on my recent weight loss, since this past fall?" Lots of folks said I should go with my heaviest weight ever. Even with all the encouragement to do it that way, I am waffling. (Mmmmm waffles...) The loss since this past fall is much more salient and meaningful to me. On the other hand, I do want to acknowledge that I've lost more than that in total, based on my heaviest weight.

So what's the verdict?

I'm doing it both ways! It's my blog, and if I want to track my weight loss two different ways and reward myself two different sets of badges, I'll do it. So there. I might just crown myself Miss America of This Blog next week. Because I can.

Wow. I'm a little drunk with power, eh?

Anyway, moving on, here are the stats! Drum roll please ...

Weight loss since last Tuesday: 1.4 lbs
Hey, that's better than I expected. Granted, last Monday and Tuesday I was all bloated and water-retainy from my trip out of town, but I'll take it. This makes me feel like the past week wasn't so bad after all.

Weight loss since fall 2007 (most recent leg of weight loss journey): 12.8 lbs
Which means I get a 10 lb badge!
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Total weight lost (entire weight loss journey): 27.4 lbs
Which means I get a 25 lb badge!
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One would think that with a 10 lb badge and a 25 lb badge I could call this 35 lbs lost, but it doesn't work that way. Ahh well. Actually ... maybe I should count every pound lost, whether I re-gained it or not. Hmmm ... With all my yo-yoing through the years, this could be interesting.
  • 1998 - lost approx. 20 lbs. This is my best guess, since I didn't weigh myself when I started losing weight.
  • 2003 - I'd gained that 20 or so back, but then I lost it plus more - a total of 35 lbs lost.
  • 2006 - I'd gained that 35 lbs back, but then lost it again. So that's 35 more lbs lost.
  • 2008 - This is where I am now ... 12.8 lbs lost since last fall.

That's a grand total of 102.8 pounds! Jiminy Christmas!

I've never done that math before. Wow. I have GOT to stop this weight gain/loss/gain/loss cycle. Seriously. That's just crazy. I'm not awarding myself a badge for that foolishness.

Alright, guys. This is a good illustration of why I started this blog. I think being accountable to this community will help me, especially once I get to maintenance. I can do the losing weight thing on my own, but I clearly haven't been able to keep it off on my own. This time, I want this weight gone, and I want it gone for good.

I'm sure you all feel the same way. We can help each other along the way. Together we can do this. If we keep working on our own weight loss and maintenance, while at the same time supporting each other along the way, I am confident we can take our extra pounds off and keep them off.

I'm done with the yo-yo life. This time the weight will be gone for good.


Felicia said...

WOO HOO CONGRATS!! You are doing just AWESOME!!

Keep up the inspiring work!!

Have a SUPER day!

Comrade GoGo said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! And congrats on your progress this week :).

Kate said...

your doing awesome, and you should track the weight loss any damn way you want...cause it's your blog :)

I think your right with the blog helping you stay accountable and what not, I think it will help, and you will be able to identify maybe what caused you to gain it back the last couple times. When you do, you will be set. We're all here doing the same thing!

athena said...

Track it however you want, it's good to look at patterns like that. I wish I had stepped on a scale more often just for the data. I have to remind myself that even though I'm not losing as quickly as I want, I'm not yo-yoing, that's progress in itself.

Kathy said...

Oh, wow! I've been left to wonder the same thing! If I go from the total number of pounds I've lost during the past 26 months, I would be at goal...but subtract what I weigh now from where I started and it is a much different...though sizable...number. It is fun being the queen of your own blog, though. I am the arbiter of taste on my own and so, get to choose to adorn the page with the picture of my favorite race driver whenever I choose! If I could just get someone to peel my grapes!

Cammy said...

I think you've hit on a great idea! We should put badges up for each 5,10,whatever-pound weight loss we've ever had. It will look like wallpaper. :)

Congrats on your success!

Tina said...

I like it. I love it. I want some more of it. I tri.. *cough* Ahem. Sorry about that. Great job on the losing girl! Hey, tell me what you do to post your daily numbers. Me likey.

ThickChick said...

I've never added up all of my losses/gains like that... I'm sure mine would be pretty darned eye-opening! =)

Congrats on you loss! 1.4 is awesome!

Swizzlepop said...

I think counting it both ways is great. I do that, well I did before hitting goal. And when I weigh in this month I'll post my loss/gain/maintain and compare it to day 1 which was last April, sicne I have been on this journey since then.
So WOOHOO on both losses you are doing great.

Grumpy Chair said...

I'm almost afraid to know the exact total of weight gained and lost and regained over and over and over again.

Congratulations all the way around - 1.4 lbs; 10 lbs; and 25 lbs.!

Angela said...

wow.. you're doing really great..Congratulations! Thanks for the comment. It sure helps to have support. :)

Manic Mom said...

Congrats on all the success!!!

I have lost 11.2 since Dec. 1! Keep on keeping on!

Skinny Inside said...

Great job on your loss! I don't think I could add up my total life time loss... if I'd kept off all the lost pounds, I surely would have ceased to exist by now! Keep up the great work!

Bev said...

WTG, you are doing great! =0

Abimars said...

thanks for asking after me, been busy busy busy....
I think you're doing really great, I have yo yoed (is that a word) so much there's no way I can add up how much I've lost over the years thankfully its all in the past so it should be easier now. Keep it up

Tammy said...

Congrats on this weeks loss and your overall losses! Isn't it nice to see the end of the tunnel? Keep up the great work and you'll be at your goal in no time at all! BTW, I like what you said about supporting each other to keep the weight off. I think most people can get it off, but it is definitely a challenge to keep it off. So tips, advice, and encouragement are all greatly appreciated :)

Hanlie said...

WELL DONE! Never mind what happened in the past (losses and gains). This is now and this is the last time! You're doing great!

Tina said...

Hey, i sent you an email but I'm wondering if it went to junk. :))

CindyPTN said...

Great Job! Waffling (mmm waffles...) funny. I like how you're doing the two badges. You hit it on the nail when you mentioned that it's your blog. Your way! Keep it up.

HappyBlogChick said...

Tina! Thank you for mentioning the email! Holy cow, I have tons of stuff in my spam folder that isn't spam. Something has gone horribly awry...

Wow, so many comments I can't respond personally. Maybe I could have if my email would have told me as they came in (grumble grumble grumble bitch moan).

Anyway, thanks guys for your support and the helpful info.