Sunday, February 17, 2008

Couch to 5k Week 3 Day 1 (aka, OUCH)

Yesterday I ran C25k week 3 day 1. This week includes warming up, running for 90 seconds, walking for 90 seconds, running for 3 minutes, walking for three minutes, and then repeating all the run/walk patterns again.

Weelll … I did it, but OW! I had the worst side stitches. They started during my first 90 second run, eased up some on my 90 second walk, then got REALLY uncomfortable during my 3 minute run. I kept going and worked on my breathing, but it didn’t ease up until I started walking again. Thankfully, by the time my next 90 second run the side stitch was gone, and the second 3 minute run was much easier.

I looked up the side stitch thing on CoolRunning, and it says that it could be that I was running too fast (maybe, but I ran more slowly this week than in the past because I knew I’d run for twice as long at a stretch), maybe I ran too soon after eating (I know this was not the problem), or maybe my breathing isn’t controlled and disciplined. I suspect it’s the last one. I need to do some homework on how to fix my breathing, because that side stitch quite frankly sucked.

Although I guess I should be grateful that I don't have runners trots or bloody nipples, which are both mentioned on the same page as the side stitch issue. Thank you, no. I'll pass on those other two.

Anyway, after the running I did strength training. I was at the gym so I got to play on all the machines – it made me realize how much I enjoy working out with machines sans trainer. I can get a good workout at home with my dumbbells and push-ups/sit-ups/planks/etc., but the machines are a nice change.

Today I’m pleasantly sore but not incapacitated. And I’m pleased to say that on Tuesday, when I check in for the Healthy You Challenge, I’ll FINALLY be able to say I met my weekly exercise goal.


Hanlie said...

My husband used to put plasters on his nipples when he ran...

Well done on staying with the program!

Felicia said...

"bloody nipples" Ouch on so many levels.

You are doing so great!! Its very inspiring to read about your progress!!

Keep on keeping on! You are doing it!!

Have a SUPER day!

Carol said...

Running??? Wow! More power to you!!! I don't dare try that just yet. Keep up the good work :)

CAMI said...

Most of the time men are the ones who suffer from the bloody nipples, not women, since we have those wonderful sports bras holding things in place and they just have a shirt constantly creating friction. Hopefully, you'll be safe there.

On the side stitches, what usually helps me is one of two things. Try these: breathe on opposite feet, meaning inhale when you take a step on your right foot and exhale on your left (a couple of steps later) - lots of variations on that so play around with it. The other breathing technique that helps is belly breathing - when you inhale, push your abdomine out (imagine laying on the ground and trying to raise a phone book that's laying on your stomach); when you exhale, pull your abdomine in. You can, of course, combine these two as well.

Great job on the run! Sometimes even though you're going slower, you're working harder (which can also contribute to the not breathing well) - can be for any number of reasons like how much sleep (or quality of sleep), how well or soon you eat, etc... Running really helps you get in tune with your body - whether you want to or not :)

ashley said...

Wooohooo! Go Happy!

I'll pass on the bloody nipples, too. Ouch!

A question for you.. I'm finishing up my Week 2, Day 3 tonight (Sunday night.. could I get more 'last minute'?). When it says to warm up for 5 minutes and then... for a total of 20 minutes, do you do the running for 20 minutes, or the running for 15 and the warm-up walk for 5? I make it all last 25 minutes, but I've been thinking about this :)

ThickChick said...

Haha, I love the 'pleasantly sore' feeling myself!

Amanda said...

The side stitches get better with time...helps to have steady breathing, do some stretching...and well just hope they get better. :) It's true they really do.