Monday, February 25, 2008


I did not have the best weekend.

I mean, from the perspective of “was it an enjoyable weekend?” it was quite nice. But from a fitness and healthy eating perspective … ugh.

Friday night I met up with some friends for happy hour, and we ended up staying for dinner. Luckily we were at an Asian fusion restaurant, so I was able to have sushi for dinner. I didn’t drink much and I stayed on plan using a few flex points. It was all-good on Friday … my healthy eating halo remained untarnished.

But then Saturday came along.

To stay on plan, I would have needed to do my couch to 5k run on Saturday, and I’d need to eat reasonably but not impeccably on Saturday and Sunday … I had about 20 flex-points left. Completely doable, right?

Apparently not.

Remember late last week when I was saying that I needed to go to the grocery store? By Saturday morning, it was a desperate situation. If you opened the cabinet door, moths flew out.* Anyway, I got up Saturday morning, did some cleaning and organizing, and then got ready to head out of the house. My plan was to go visit a friend in the hospital, then go grocery shopping, then go to the gym, then go home and have dinner with my husband. Unfortunately, by the time I got out of the house on the road, I was RAVENOUS. I’d eaten a little something, but not much. And when I get to the point where I’m so hungry I could gnaw my arm off, I don’t make good choices.

And then I saw those golden arches. And as I was driving by, somehow a quarter pounder with cheese and a large order of fries jumped through the window and into my mouth. It happened just like that, I swear! Damn you, combo #3!

Ugh. That was definitely the largest single misstep on the eating side of things. But it all just snowballed … I got back from seeing my friend hours after I expected, making my grocery trip much later than expected (yay! We have healthy food again!), making going to the gym before dinner not an option, and the Saturday gym hours making a post-dinner gym visit impossible … ugh. That meant no weekend workout, since I didn’t want to do my couch to 5k run on Sunday because I knew I’d be doing couch to 5k and strength training tonight.**

Add a couple late-Saturday and Sunday not-horrible-but-not-the-best-choice-ever food choices to the Mickey D’s fiasco, and by the end of the weekend … well, let’s just say that by the end of the weekend my points balance was waaaaaaaaaaaay into the negative range.

All I can do after a weekend like this one is get up, brush the crumbs off my sweater, and move on. I’m trying to look back and learn from the weekend, and not beat myself up about it.

What went wrong? Looking back, it boils down to priorities. Not going grocery shopping did me in. I should have jumped out of bed Saturday morning and gone straight to the grocery store rather than doing cleaning/organizing. I’ve been trying to do some de-cluttering every weekend, but the de-cluttering should have been a lower priority than the grocery shopping trip. I shouldn’t have let myself get into the position of being that hungry, because I get irrational. I don’t give a rat’s ass about healthy eating when I get that hungry.

Also, I hate to admit it, but I should have gotten up earlier on Saturday. Beauty sleep be damned - there just wasn’t enough time in the day. If I’d gotten my arse out of bed there would have been more time. If I’d shifted the hospital visit to earlier in the day, there would have been time for the workout before dinner.

All in all, though, it’s not the end of the world. The scale is up, but it will go down again. I made some bad eating decisions, but I also made good eating decisions. My “bad weekend” was nowhere near as bad as the weekends I had before I was being health-aware.

I’m not having a terribly hard time getting over the food mistakes. I’m more annoyed with myself about not doing my couch to 5k run. Not doing the couch to 5k run has set my 5k training plan back; the missed run shifts the workouts I’ll be doing for the next 6 weeks. Since I’ve got my sights set on a specific 5k to run, now I have a tad less flexibility when it comes to repeating days or weeks as the running gets more intense.

Oh well. Time to move on. Tonight, the gym and I will get reacquainted. Sorry I blew you off Saturday, gym!

* Even though I suspect moths are a low-point choice, I'm not eating moths. Period. I ate a stir-fried silkworm pupa once when I was overseas ... I'm not eating bugs again. Blech.
** Remember, Monday is always workout night - I meet up with my husband, a friend, and a trainer.


CDJ said...

We all have these slides from time to time... and it is hard to resist the evil golden arches when you're that hungry.

I have only 2 flex points left for today and tomorrow, if that makes you feel any better... lol

and like you told me when I was all off track a couple weeks ago, you know what you have to do, so it will be easy to get back up on the horse!

Good luck!

Hanlie said...

Hope it goes better this week!

watchinmyweight said...

Good outlook! I had a bad weekend too...but today is a new day and I am ready!! :)

Good luck!

Kate said...

For me routine is a big thing, so when I am caught off guard, or thrown off my routine, it has a tendency to affect my eating, so I can totally understand. But you live and learn and move on, that's all you can do!

Katy said...

I think this weekend was cursed! I made some not so hot choices thiss weekend too.

Kathy said...

Good attitude. Recognize it, learn from it, and move forward! Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I don't even go into most fast food places anymore, other than Wendy's, for their chicken nuggets and side ceasar salad.

You made it through. Today is a new day. Just get back on track missy.

Dedee said...

We're gonna make it!

ThickChick said...

I'm sure that measly 1.2 lbs will drop once that poison is out of your bod.

Though I don't care for fast food, I have the same problem when I'm hungry - reason goes out the window and a slice of pizza or cookies goes in the pie-hole. =)

As for the workout, remember it is one workout out of SO many that you'll do in 2008, so don't be too hard on yourself about missing it! Life happens!

And BTW...thanks for the sweet comment today!

MomOf3 said...

You have a really good attitude about your weekend. Stuff happens. You are on track again! Have a good run tonight!!

paul said...

Dang, you're popular! Look at all those comments!

Did the quarter pounder with cheese and fries at least taste good? It's sort of a double whammy when you get something you feel you shouldn't, and it really didn't taste all that good anyway.

I really like quater pounders, so long as they haven't been sitting under the lamps too long. I used to get the combo meal every week for many weeks, since the local McDonalds ran a combo special: $1.99 for the meal. I wasn't trying to lose weight back then, but I have to kind of shake my head at myself. And even worse, they often weren't very good.

At least you didn't stop by the buffet... but then, perhaps that's just a personal weakness of mine.

When's the 5K you're running in?

Emma said...

Ya I have to make sure my fridge and cabinets are stocked with healthy choices...otherwise it's easy to wander into quicker, less healthy, fast food ideas. For that matter, I even like to try to make sure my purse is stocked (with a granola or protein bar) : )

Heather said...

I wouldnt say its priorities..I would say that you really need to make sure that you are eating and eating often so you arent getting to the point where you are ravished and are making wrong choices. for me, I know I tend to go for whatever is the worst for me when I am starving or need something quick. I would sugest making sure you leave the house with a good meal in your belly and bring snacks with you. I am never without something..protein bars in my car, protein bars at work, carrots, jello, etc. so I dont go for the m&m s and cheezits the office stocks constantly. I think if you are prepared and have good choices, yo uwill be less likely to go for the bad.

sauchagirl said...

I agree with what Heather said. Eat often and always keep snacks with you. But you have a great attitude. You know you messed up and are jumping right back into the game not letting your mistep take you down. Great job!

Cammy said...

Great atttitude! It happened, it's over, nothing to do but learn from it.

McDonald's is a safe place (well, as safe as any fast food place can be) for me because of the yogurt parfait and apple dippers. The apples are perfect for those times I reach in the glove box and find out I already ate the emergency granola bar.

here's to a better week this week!

40 by 40 said...

I like that--"BRUSH THE CRUMBS OFF MY SWEATER"!! :) Hey, it happens..but how great that you are back at the gym and back OP and with healthy food. It seem to have many more OP days than off program days!!! So move on...or run on..(5k)..

Grumpy Chair said...

Sometimes weird things like that are going to happen. Fortunately, you probably won't do it again anytime soon. And you are doing everything right, just look at where you are on the weight loss; you are so close to goal and you will get there even with a little bump here and there.

Anonymous said...

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