Saturday, March 1, 2008

My inner critic has shut up for the moment

Last night I ran my couch to 5k week 4 day 3 run – I completed week 4! Woo hoo!

When Stephanie told me in my comments that the first 10 minutes of a run always sucks, she was spot on. In my case it was more like the first 8 minutes, given that I was running in 3 and 5 minute segments. The first 3 minute segment and the first 5 minute segment were so much harder than the second 3 and 5 minute segments. I guess endorphins really are our friends.

Sunday* I’m on to week 5. Yikes! (no no no, stop with the yikes. I can do this.) I mean, yay! (there, that’s better.) AND I met my exercise goal for the week! Extra-yay!

So I’ve managed to smother the inner critic for a while. While I was running yesterday I felt so good about what I was doing. I am 100% doing the best I can, and it kicks ass. What is there to get frustrated about? Nothing. So what if I finish a couple minutes after my husband in the 5k. I’m extremely happy that he’s working out. It’s all good.

Actually, I’ve realized part of what bothered me about my relative speed is that we’re doing this 5k with quite a few of our friends, and I expect all of them to finish before us. So, what I really mean is: So what if I finish absolutely dead last amongst all our friends. I’ve finished! I’m good with that. Especially since I’ve decided that I clearly need to find someone who runs more slowly than me to join us in the run. Problem solved!


No, seriously, starting out slow gives me lots of room for improvement, and getting faster will be an excellent, satisfying new goal to work towards starting in May.

*My workout with the husband/friend/trainer has been moved from Monday to Sunday because I somehow double booked myself for Monday night. Thank gawd everyone else was able to reschedule.


paul said...

Endorphins. My physician promised 'em, and they never came. Sigh.

I meant to comment on your last "inner critic" post, but I sorta lost track of it. I'm glad the inner critic has been silenced for now. You can get yourself into trouble when you start comparing yourself to others. I know this from tons for first hand experience. If you are improving, then mark that in the success column!

Some people will finish sooner, and some later... but even if you were the very last person to complete the run out of everyone, you still aren't last -- you ran it faster than all those that chose not to compete.

P.S. - The double cheeseburger was VERY good. I wanted another, and was glad that the drive-thru was long gone.

Kate said...

I'm glad you got your inner critic to shut the hell up, go you!

Also, I noticed you seen the 134 mark yesterday, go you, it's been awhile! Yay!

watchinmyweight said...

Hey you could always bring me along...I probably wouldn't even make it...haha. Just kidding! It's awesome that you are so motivated.

Julia said...

I loved this post... just what I needed to get me out of lazy bones mode and back into running. I forgot that lovely feeling of accomplishment after finishing a run... thanks for reminding me! I’m looking forward to getting back into the couch to 5k.