Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cleaning out the house

Other than starting this blog, yesterday was a crappy day for fitness. I ate and ate, then I ate some more, then I had a little more to eat. Then I ate. Ugh.

During the week and a half around Christmas and New Years I ate whatever I wanted to eat, with no consideration of calories or fat or health. Our house filled with junk food that normally wouldn't be here. Yesterday morning my husband took some of the junk to work with him, but not all of it, and I went a little nuts eating my way through what was still here. Cookies and candy and leftover lasagna and more cookies and .... blech. The more I ate, the crappier I felt, but somehow that didn't stop me from eating.

It was a little crazy, really. What was that all about?

Finally around 8:15 PM I made myself get on my stationary bike and do 30 minutes of cardio. I didn't want to get on the bike, but I forced myself to do it. And since it's hard to ride the bike AND shove food in my face, that stopped the binge.

I didn't buy this junk food - my friends and relatives brought it into the house, and I haven't felt like I could remove it until now, post-holiday. I don't trust myself to have junk food in the house. Once I get into it, I can't get myself out of it. I open the bag or box or tin and fall right in. Junk food I haven't touched yet is somewhat safe, and I may never touch it. If I haven't tasted it, I have some level of control. But if I've tasted it, heaven help me. I know this about myself - I don't completely understand it, but I know it - so after the bike ride I threw away the rest of the leftover lasagna and put the rest of the junk food in a grocery bag for my husband to take to work today.

OK, in all honesty, I had one more homemade Christmas cookie, THEN I put the rest in a grocery bag to send to work with my husband.

I'm trying to look back at yesterday as something other than a complete failure. I started this blog, I did a little cardio, and I ultimately did the junk food clean-up. It was a start. Now I just need to keep on going.


Manic Mom said...

HI! Bet you're wondering how I found you. THrough someone through someone at Half of Me. I am on WW. I did it six years ago after my third child and lost 60 pounds. Now I'm back on to lose the 25 that crept back to my hips! My girlfriends and I started back on December 1! My husband said, "That's a ridiculous time to start back up." Well, ridiculous as it was, I have lost six-plus pounds during the toughest month of the year to diet!

I have the exact same food triggers as you do. Completely fine until I get a taste of it and then BAM! A maniac.

I am looking forward to reading about your journey. It seems like because of your stats, you don't have that far to go, so good for you for catching it and being aware of when to say when!

Getting compliments on looking good and fitting into cute clothes is way better than tasting anything! I made my friend and fellow WWatcher dump a French Silk Pie in the sink a couple weeks ago and turn the water on it! We laughed about it later!

HappyBlogChick said...

Hi manic mom! Thanks for your comment, it is nice to know I'm not talking to myself out here in internetland. :-)

My triggers are definitely getting that first taste - BAM! as you say. Also, stress. I'm learning to deal with stress in ways other than eating, but I still have a lot to learn.

Good for you for going back to WW. This is a repeat journey for me, too ... I first started WW 5 years ago (almost to the day!) and originally lost 35 lbs. Then I gained it back plus some. Then I lost it. Then I gained PART of it back. Now I'm working to lose that part of it again.

I'm sure I'll go into more detail on all of this on the blog as time passes. Thanks for reading, and good luck to you!

Manic Mom said...

I really like the new blogger feature where blogger lets you know when there's new comments on blogs you've visited so I knew when you read this and responded!

Back in the game! Anytime you want to share fun recipes and WW tips, I'm always looking for interesting ways to keep it less BLAH, so please either email me or post 'em on your blog!

HappyBlogChick said...

Will do, and ditto - I'll be watching your blog for WW brilliance and insight (or hell, even survival tips).

Ashley said...

I'm not the only one!?

I do the exact same things. I, too, see it's a problem with myself but don't know how to fix it. And it makes me feel horrible.

But that's one reason I think the daily weight tracker will MAKE it an issue of accountablilty.. no matter how the night before went, I will have to answer to myself. It seems impossible, but it's worth a try... Good luck!

HappyBlogChick said...
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HappyBlogChick said...

For me a HUGE thing is getting the stuff out of the house. Thank goodness my husband is satisfied with keeping his junk food at his office or eating it when we go out to eat.

But when you have family staying in your house and they bring JUNK home every day, and it arrives in the mail, and people show up with it when stopping by ... aaaaargh! Thank goodness Christmas is only once a year.

(HMMM, tried to fix a typo and apparently forever it shows that I deleted my comment. How odd.)