Friday, January 4, 2008

Today's daily weigh-in. What? Daily?

Well, my daily weigh-in shows a downward movement. I'm sure some of that is water weight, but hopefully some of it is also a real change. I finally got my eating back on track yesterday - hooray! I didn't exercise, but the plan for today is eating well AND exercise. My body might explode from shock.

I know Weight Watchers recommends weekly weigh-ins, but I weigh-in daily. Years ago when I was working on losing 35 lbs, the weekly weigh-ins worked well for me. But at that point, I was all about LOSING. I didn't dedicate much brain-power to thoughts of maintaining. Now I've got my eye on maintaining, and from what I've read a big key to maintaining is daily weigh-ins. So even though I'm trying to lose weight now, I'm weighing in daily to prepare for maintaining the weight loss. I want to be in the daily weigh-in habit.

I'm not pulling this daily weigh-in idea out of my (larger than ideal) ass. Here are some articles on research which support the daily weigh-in game plan:

I'm not saying everyone should jump on the scale daily. I'm not one of those preachy types who assumes what is good for me is good for the world. I am, however, a research-geek. It's true - I believe in well designed research, and the research suggests this is a good plan for most folks. Now, it isn't a good plan for people with eating disorders. And if you really honestly can't handle the daily weight fluctuations up and down, it probably isn't a good plan for you.

You may be able to learn to deal with the daily weight fluctuations, though. I had a little bit of a problem with the daily weight fluctuations at first, back in October when I started losing again. What helped me work through it was some positive self-talk and watching the trend. Even though my weight went up and down through a two week period, it always trended downwards, and I always saw a drop from the beginning to end of the period. Well, that's what I saw if I was following the Weight Watchers plan.

I also began to learn what behavior affected my daily weigh-in results ... after a long hard exercise session I might see an initial spike in weight the next day but then a nice big drop a day or two later. If I eat sushi or Chinese food or any other high-sodium treat I'll gain some water weight. If I travel by plane my weight goes up a bit (even if I eat well), but then it goes back down after a day or two (and what is up with that? Do you see that, too? Does anyone know what causes that? It is a mystery to me ... but that's the pattern I've seen). Learning those types of patterns and telling myself that if I'm working the Weight Watchers program the program works (it's true!) helped me get comfortable with the daily weigh-ins.

Anyway, if you're eating disorder-free, here's my suggestion. If you weigh-in weekly, you might consider weighing in daily. It may not work for you, but it might be worth at try. It appears to help folks maintain, and if it helps folks maintain, that's a good pattern to learn, right? Because I can tell you, losing the weight is great, but gaining it back sucks. Isn't losing it and keeping it off what it's really all about?

That's my plan this time around. Losing the weight and keeping it off.


Amy said...

Hey! I got here through WW future preggos board!

I don't think WI daily is a bad thing at all...can keep you honest about what's going on, and helps you see how certain things affect your body!

As far as the air travel/weight gain thing...I think it's a fluid retention thing. I found this article.

HappyBlogChick said...

Amy, that article is greatness. Thanks for sending it my way.

It must be the pressure more than the not moving, because I've noticed it even when I'm only on a plane for 1.5 hours.

I didn't figure my body was a freak of nature with the whole travel weight-gain thang, but it is good to know for sure.

CDJ said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. As for your question about the fish recipe, I'm not the best source for substitution ideas, but I will tell you that the fish I bought came from the freezer section, so even if you can't find it fresh in your area, you might find it frozen.

Also, good luck with your weight loss. I'll have to bookmark your page and we can compare notes.

I don't do a daily weigh in, but I will say that when I went back on WW this week, I re-calibrated my scale on Tuesday night, to set it with my goal weight and the next morning with I did my official weigh in, there was literally a 5 lb. difference. So, there are so many things that can impact your weight on a day by day, hour by hour basis, I'd take any daily gains or losses with a grain of salt.

CDJ said...

Oh, and just out of curiousity, how did you find me?

HappyBlogChick said...

Hi CDJ - Thanks for the fish info. I'll check my freezer section.

I'm absolutely with you about taking day-to-day gains or losses with a grain of salt ... or a shaker of salt. For me the daily weigh-in is about developing a habit. I brush my teeth, I wash my face, I step on the scale. When I don't step on the scale I start to gain, and when I weigh weekly it's easier for me to "forget" to weigh myself, so ... daily does the trick! And (call me crazy, 'cause it's true) I kind of like to see the variation from day to day. Well, now that I don't panic when I see big changes, that is. It's interesting to see how what I eat or what I do temporarily effects my weight.

I'm looking back at your site and trying to remember how I got there. I either found you searching on the terms "Weight Watchers" and "blogs" or I clicked through to your site from someone else I found doing that search. Either way, I'm glad I found you.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

A daily weigh-in helps keep me sane, despite my belief for years that it would drive me nuts. I don't start questioning whether my weight is up or down--I know--and a daily weigh-in lets me know whether a weigh-in at the end of the week is true or just a fluctuation.

HappyBlogChick said...

Sally - ditto. I thought it would be bad for me, but after a few weeks I, too, found it helped rather than hurt my sanity.

Thanks for reading - I love your blog.

Ashley said...

You went down ten pounds is the last few months. Hats off to you! Was it all done with the help of WW?

HappyBlogChick said...

I haven't been attending meetings for the past few months, but I have been following the weight watchers plan (except for that whole Christmas/New Years fiasco). I used to do meetings though, and they were very helpful.

At this point I have meeting materials dated 2003, 2006 and 2007 ... I've been to a lot of meetings in the past. :-)

If you really get into the info and tools they give you, WW helps you make good choices, it motivates you to work out (although working out isn't necessary), and it helps you explore what's behind your eating.

I am NOT an ad, I swear.

Ashley said...

I've always heard such great things about it. I'm glad it worked for you so well!

Abimars said...

I'd never have thought of daily weigh in's but this has made me see it in a different light, thanks for stopping by my blog

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