Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The first blog post

Well, well, well. Lookie here. Another fitness blog! Started just after the new year! What a novel idea; what an earth-shattering new approach. Happy 2008, it's fitness blog time!

Yeah, yeah, I know. It isn't an original plan, that whole "I'm going to start a blog to help motivate me in my fitness goals" thang. But for me this one is different. How? This one is mine. I've read other folks' blogs through the years, and now I'm starting my own. Why? Because I'm ready for a change.

Ha. Ready for a change - that sounds so dramatic. For me, the change would be to simply be consistent. The reality is that I've been physically healthy on and off my entire life. I'm not overweight at this point, although I'm close to the top of my healthy weight range, and I was overweight a couple months ago. Since the beginning of October I've lost a total of 8 or 9 lbs. Now, had Christmas and New Years not come along, I could have said I've lost 12 or so lbs, but ... yeah. Christmas and New Year celebrations did happen. Like almost everyone else in the world, I'm getting back into my wellness routine now that January 2nd is here. I want to continue the weight loss I started in the fall, I want to set and reach some fitness goals, and I want to live a healthy lifestyle. I hope this blog will help me connect with other folks who are trying to live a healthy life, too.

So ... here we go! What do you need to know about me? Let's start with the stats. I'm female, I'm 5'6" tall, and as of this morning I weigh 144.8 lbs. I'll fit back in my clothes again once I'm back around 135 lbs (although the exact poundage will depend on muscle mass, I imagine). Right now I have a closet full of cute clothes that make me look like a stuffed sausage. I'm ready to be back in those clothes, and I'm ready to feel good about myself again.

Heck, I'm ready to feel good in general. I started to feel the positive emotional and physical effects of eating well and working out in early December, but now I'm feeling sluggish and turtle-like again. Yuck.

I think that's enough of an intro. My first goal? To post here every so often. I'll write more as the days pass and I set goals, work out, and my weight changes.

Welcome! And please bear with me. I'm new at this.


healthdirectorymoz said...

you've got a great writing style - witty and engaging.

Anonymous said...

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thaya said...
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thaya said...


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