Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No pain, no gain?

Oh my gawd, yesterday I was SO sore. It hurt to move. My muscles were very upset with me. My Monday night couch to 5k run which I followed immediately by a very difficult strength/interval training session just about did me in on Tuesday. Somehow the pain and discomfort got worse as the day went on, too. Ugh! I was staggering around the house like Frankenstein. Eventually I got into a hothothot shower and stretched, and that helped a little. Today seems mostly (although not completely) better, thank goodness.

If I feel like that every Tuesday, I really have to re-think the Monday exercise game plan. I love the idea of knocking out both the couch to 5k run and a good long strength/interval training session in one day, but man. I was hurting. The Monday night training is with my husband, friend and a trainer, and the trainer just kicked our butts this week. I’ll try this another week or two and we’ll see … the trainer thinks it’s a great idea to do the run before our session because then I’m all warmed up for her, but … damn.

I just kept telling myself that all this pain will equal a big loss and a nice toned body. Of course, I was responding to myself by saying: shut it; at this rate I’ll need a walker. Or maybe even replacement limbs. It was like I had the whole devil on one shoulder/angel on the other thing happening. Gotta love the internal dialogue.

I don’t know if it was because I was so physically exhausted, but I ended up having a bad day at work. Nothing major happened, but lots of little annoying things happened, and these were the same kind of little annoying things that have been happening a lot over the past year or two.

The little annoyances got me thinking about something I’ve contemplated more and more lately … maybe I should consider a career change. But although it is appealing, I am terrified by the idea of starting down a new career path at this age. I have a well-established career and I have a decent salary. I make a little more money than my husband, so without my job our household loses more than half our combined income. Although we’re not wealthy, right now we aren’t struggling to make ends meet, either. That wouldn’t be our situation if I stopped working at my current job; it would become a struggle if I went back to school. Plus, it would take years to re-establish myself in a new industry. It all seems so risky and scary.

But at the same time, life is short. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m going to look back at my years at my job and wonder why I didn’t get the heck out of dodge. I like some things about my job, but less and less as time passes. I’m afraid I’m limiting myself. Right now my entire work existence is about being analytical, and I feel like my creative side is being stifled. It might be hard, but maybe it would be a positive change in the long run. Life isn’t all about being comfortable, you know?

Hahaha, maybe my ability to tolerate my physical discomfort made me think about my ability to tolerate financial discomfort.

Anyway, I’m mulling it over. This is something I’m going to have to think about a while.

Have you guys ever been through he same thing?


Katy said...

As far as the soreness goes....MOVE! That is lactic acid built up in your muscles and it is STUCK where you left it (in your muscles). Try and move as much as you can the day after that workout (or whenever you are sore), it will get all of that crap moving around to the right places. {This is why you felt a little better after the hot shower and stretch - increased circulation :)}

The job thing.....My job RARELY lets me use my creative side and I am a very creative person, my job is ALL administrative stuff (ugh!), which I love, but it gets boring sometimes. I just try to get as many creative hobbies as I can to curb my creative appetite. Anything from scrapbooking to sewing to pottery to painting(my house) and decorating. (Does writting workouts count as being creative?) Hope I have helped!

paul said...

Your body will start to get used to what you're trying to do to it. You should be a little less sore next time around.

As for career options and choices, I'm afraid I can't be of much help.

EC said...

Life IS too short - if you want a career change, then go for it! Don't be too scared to do something you really love.

Great job on the couch to 5K program - but damn girl, both in one night? HA - I would already be in a walker, lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are an exercise bunny!

As for the career - I gave mine up last year. I was the financial manager of a posh hotel and it was rather stressful. We decided that I was going to stop working and concentrate on my health and fertility. Stress can have a devastating effect on fertility. So here I am, happy and free, but we do miss my substantial salary and I am looking at earning some money on-line. This time is interesting for me, because as I get to know myself better, I'm definitely feeling a calling in a certain direction. Something very far removed from accounting!

Hope you find your answer!

Pattie said...

Is it possible to take the skills you have and change jobs? Sometimes the change of scenery helps. Or is the work itself you hate?

I've been through several career changes in my 30+ years of working. Don't be afraid to go for it! There are all kinds of reasons NOT to do it, and one big reason TO do it: satisfaction. We spend an awful lot of time at our jobs, so it's important that the work feeds your soul.

Keep thinking out loud on your blog... we're hear to listen!

jodi said...

i'm in the same situation - i have a good job, decent salary, and benefits but often wonder if there's something else more meaningful i should be doing... i've been in the financial industry for over 10 years and am tired of it - i want something more creative and fun... i actually applied for a job with the humane society a few weeks ago - i think that would be an incredible job...

anyway, the only advice i can share is to follow your gut - if you want to do something different, figure out what you'd REALLY like to do and how to get there... it's also better to look for a job, when you already have one so do your research! :o)

Cammy said...

I've absolutely thought the same thing! I'm thinking about it right this minute, in fact. :) For now, I'm sticking where I am, but I have A Plan that involves socking away money when and where I can so that I can make a move if the right opportunity presents itself. Maybe you could focus on that for now? Try to build a little nest egg to make up for the missing income if you change jobs?
Just a thought!

40 by 40 said...

I am sorry you are so sore..the oill popper th at I am says..take 3 advil. That;s what I do...or a warm soak. Hey, at least you worked maybe it "hurts so good".It's so hard to tell someone what to do with their career because all jobs have the yucky parts..but if you feel stifled or too unhappy..then follow your passion (didn't mean to quote Oprah..oops). Your happiness and health is most if you feel these are being compromised by your career..move least you have another salary in the house. Great job working out...FEEL GOOD!

CindyPTN said...

Yep keep stretching. Soon, you'll be over this and craving more!

As for the career change, I know exactly what you're going through. Be honest with yourself and follow your dreams! I've been debating how I want to pursue a career and still maintain a Stay-at-home Mom status. There's always a catch, but ultimately, I want to do what I love while caring for the family. Keep soul searching and thinking, it'll come to you. Money is only a tool. Your well-being is the essence of living!

Ashley said...

I completely agree with going for a change when just being comfortable isn't an option. I am realizing that in my own career-- I need to challenge myself and do more of what I am passionate about. Maybe you can continue your current job and take some classes at night or online?

And congratulations on your soreness. You KNOW that what you are doing is working.

You are just tooo good.

Oh! And we still need a picture of you!

Anonymous said...
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ThickChick said...

Right - I know a LOT of people who are in a so-so career, but they definitely have to find other outlets for their creative energy. Maybe you could start out by taking an evening class or two and then decide if this alternate career is something you'd really like or not.