Monday, February 11, 2008

You can call me the jolly green giant. Except I'm not green. Or jolly, even.

I work from home, and Friday afternoon something very terrible and yet potentially wonderful happened. My laptop went on the fritz! I get up from in front of my computer late in the afternoon, I walk away, and when I walk back the laptop won’t stay powered up, and in the few moments it is powered up I have a very very very dark screen. I fiddle with it, I mess with it, there is much rebooting … nothing.

With a non-functional laptop, I had no recourse but to go into the office this morning. HORRORS!

I suppose I should be grateful that I have an office to go in to. I work from home because I work for a department that isn’t located in our local office. When I used to go into the office, I found I could go for days without talking to anyone in the same building as me (except for the occasional “hi” in the hallway, and sometimes not even that). I did get to know 6 or 7 people, but not well and I didn’t actually work with them. When I made the point that I could work during hours I’d otherwise be commuting, folks up the ladder agreed that my working from home would be a-OK.

Anyway, I get in to the office this morning and Mr. IT man and I figure out that if we change the power supply and use an external monitor and keyboard, the computer works.* I have to take some parts and pieces home with me, but I should still be able to work from home.

The potentially wonderful part? Mr. IT is implying to my bosses that my department should buy me a new laptop (although he’s not pushing it at all since they have to pay for it). WOO HOO! I hate my laptop. I swear it was designed by someone out to break my back – the thing is so danged heavy that every time I take it on a trip I’ve lost all blood to my arm by the time I get on a plane. It’s like hauling a very small, dense dead body around with me all the time. I broke down and got a backpack, which helps evenly distribute the pain but doesn’t go very far in the “try to look professional” department.

It isn’t a done deal that I get a new laptop … many people up the ladder have to approve the request, and I’m afraid some of those people will think repairing it is a good idea. The idea of getting this one repaired makes me sad on two levels – 1.) it is heavy. Very heavy. I don’t want to have to haul this monster everywhere anymore. Did I mention it’s heavy? But also, 2.) if I have to send in my laptop to be repaired, how am I supposed to work? If the laptop is far away, how do I function? Do I have to go into the office every day and use a crappy loaner computer? Please no!

Everyone, please send lots of “approve the new laptop request” vibes out to my company.

In the meantime, if I have to travel, I have no idea how I’ll manage an external monitor, keyboard, and the docking station I need to make my computer function. Anyone know of a good Sherpa I can rent?

Oh, a side note. While I was in the office I ran into three of the people I know. One didn’t say anything about my weight, one mentioned that I looked thinner (yay!) and taller than I used to look, and the third person mentioned I looked “about a foot taller.” Odd about the two taller comments, eh? Although it is tempting to try to believe I’ve had an abnormally late-in-life growth spurt, I don’t buy it. I’m interpreting taller as thinner + well-fitting dark pants + boots with a heel. So hooray for all that! I’m good with being taller and thinner!

On a not so bright side note, I didn’t resist the bagel shop I passed on the way into the office. I used to love bagels and I haven’t had a bakery bagel in … man … I can’t think of the last time. My only hope is that my couch to 5k week 2 day 2 run tonight combined with my training session will offset it somewhat. I’m sure I’ll have to use some flexpoints, too. Grr. I hate using flexpoints on a Monday (which is day 1 of my week).

Back to my point. Please remember … think “Approve the request for a new laptop, approve the request for a new laptop, approve the request for a new laptop …”

* You fancy techie folks who might think “oh, I can totally fix that” … you guys can just shut it. I want a new computer.


Ashley said...

Your progress is totally impressing me! And I am sending lots of new-computer vibes over there!

jb said...

Good luck on the week 2 day 2 tonight! I did it today and felt so good afterwards. I think I might end up liking this whole running thing in the end. I also have a very heavy computer so I'm definitely sympathizing and sending some good vibes.

Grumpy Chair said...

I'm thinking "approve the new laptop" but in the meantime, I have heard that pilates makes you stand straighter and feel and look taller, leaner. Have you been doing pilates?

paul said...

Yes, the laptop could probably be fixed, but I always look at the breakage as an opportunity to replace what is broken. I know that for me, it's difficult to get a replacement (particularly at home), unless the current computer is busted. In fact, that's how I got my last new computer a little over two years ago now. Then I fixed the broken computer. ;-)

Anyway, I hope it works out for you.

Anonymous said...

Is it a Toshiba?

Hanlie said...

Oh I hope you get a nifty, light, new computer!

Katy said...

Hope you get a new laptop!!!!!

Kate said...

Here's to a new laptop **vibes** haha.

Don't sweat the bagel shop incident, I'm sure with the running you won't see a problem from that.

Also, totally jealous you get to work from home. What I would give to not have to deal with people on a regular basis lol.

Tina said...

New computer. New computer.

Those were my vibes. Lemme know if they worked.

Anonymous said...

Hm... er... my laptop has being playing up. your post reminds me I really ought to backup the data!! eeeeek.

Kery said...

Maybe you can push the matter by arguing that replacing parts in a laptop is often so expensive that buying a new one is a better investment? Carrying a heavy thing like this is awful. The one I have for work is a Dell--heavy with a very heavy case as well--and since I usually take my bike on days I go to the office, it's seriously a pain in the neck, especially that on mornings, the road is quite steep in some parts. So I feel your pain!