Friday, February 15, 2008

A Weight Watchers confession

I was supposed to go to a Weight Watchers meeting with a friend of mine tomorrow morning, and it looks like she’s bailing on me. I’m not terribly disappointed about this change in plans.

Why? Weeeelll …

I haven’t been to a Weight Watcher’s meeting since early October 2007. There. I said it.

I used to get a lot out of the meetings. People had words of wisdom and advice, everyone was supportive, you could help others and others could help you, someone would always have a new product to tell about … good stuff. It really was. It was good stuff. I have no regrets about going to the meetings. In the past, I could not have lost weight without the meetings.

If you asked me today if you should go to the meetings, I would say yes. Go.

They were the best thing ever for me … in 2003.

And they were pretty darned helpful … in 2005.

But when I went back last year, I wasn’t feeling the love. I went back twice when I started losing weight again. And I liked and respected the leader. I didn’t mind weighing in. I had faith in the program. I didn’t even mind paying … they came up with a great program, so I’ll pay for it. But … ugh! The lines! All those people! All the waiting! And this was back in October … I’m not even talking about January, when the place REALLY becomes a zoo.

I think somehow in my mental cost/benefit analysis, the costs became greater than the benefits.

It probably sounds crazy, but I feel like a bad Weight Watchers person. I feel like I should want to go to the meetings. I feel like I should encourage YOU to go to the meetings. I feel like I should keep my big fat mouth shut about the fact that I’ve stopped attending meetings. (I also feel like I drank the Kool-Aid, since I feel bad about all this.)

Know what’s even worse than the fact that I’m not going to the meetings? I don’t really miss the meetings. Especially now that I’m blogging. I feel like there is a community out here that is just as supportive, if not more supportive, than the community at the meetings.

But I was willing to give it a shot, since I had a friend who was going, too. If nothing else, I’ll be there to support my friend, right? The meeting we were going to attend tomorrow is in the next town over, in a different center than the one I used to go to. Maybe this place will be less of a zoo. Maybe it won’t just be about supporting a friend, maybe I’ll regain my love for the meetings.

But I won’t find out this week, it seems …


Katy said...

I have been going to the meetings and honestly...I get so much more out of blogging. I am going to switch my WW membership over to online only. The meetings are definitely for some people though! But me....I feel like blogging is more for me...I might listen in on a meeting here or there with my mother-in-law (since you can still go to meetings free, w/o weighing-in), but the extra money a month for the meetings is not worth it for me.

Katschi said...

Since I started my blog in late January and especially since I joined up with the Healthy You Challenge, I find this waaaay better than WW meetings.
WW meetings made me feel so much pressure to lose and guilty if I didn't even though your body loses weight in its own sweet time and not necessarily in WW time.
I think WW is a good place to start...especially now with the core plan And points but staying at home at my 'puter surfing the blogs is much more appealing and helpful to me. Blogging is definitely a great weight loss tool! I've learned -- took me a while -- that it isn't just about the scale. It's about so many other things as well that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Roni said...

AS long as you are getting support I think that's all that counts.

oh and the meeting I go to has been STANDING ROOM ONLY! It's crazy!!

Linda said...

Popping in to say "Hi" for now and I will get back later, just had a busy few day.

Glad you got the song details, it's a nice song, I like it.
Hugs xx

Sonya said...

Do what's right for you hun. If you don't 'feel' the meetings anymore, don't go! It's about finding what's right for you right now.

I am lucky and have a fantastic hallarious leader. She's entertaining to watch and learn from. I went to my Mother's old leader one night and almost fell asleep! It was so dry and boring and so were the people! The leader has sooo much to do with it. Regardless though, I hear ya and if I was going on my own, I wonder if I would hit each meeting each week. Right now I'm going with my mother and sister (I dragged my mom to my meeting and she now enjoys it so much more).

As for the Kool-Aid, don't feel guilty I drink the stuff too! I just use splenda instead of sugar to make it! ;-)

Sonya said...

oh and btw - I used to go on the WW boards all the time in the beginning of my journey. Now I don't really feel the need as I have my blog and the support of all of you. I felt guilty at first for not posting on the boards as often (now rarely if any), but like I said, I have to do what works for me, and this seems to be working!

Tammy said...

Hi Happy,
I think as long as you have support and accountability, it doesn't matter if you attend meetings per se. I went to WW when I was a teen and don't remember much about the actual meetings (just the humiliation of weighing in :( ), but I lost weight just depending on the blogging community. If you find that you can support your friend by going, then go for it! But don't feel guilty about not going for yourself. You are doing great! Keep up the great work!!

HappyBlogChick said...

Thanks, everyone, for responding!

katy & katschi: It's good to know I'm not the only one who feels like this community meets their needs perhaps more than the meetings did.

roni - was it like that before new years, too? I can't decide if it's the venue change where I am (the center moved a while back), or if the meetings really are much more crowded, but MAN! Lots of people (even pre-New Year).

Hi Linda!

sonya, it's interesting how different the meetings are w/ different leaders, eh? A good leader is worth his/her weight in gold.

tammy - Thanks! I don't feel guilty at all ... well, I feel guilty for not feeling guilty!

Ashley said...

Your quickly decreasing weight amazes me. You are doing so well-- congratulations.
Regarding the meetings, they are there to help you. If blogging and not going to the meetings is what helps YOU, then go for it! I agree that blogging is a huge support system and provider of accountability.
I'm not doing so well. I've gone father backwards than I have before. I feel so clouded in my judgment and thought process. I'm watching the scale go UP, and it is disappointing. I am trying hard, but the "cloudiness" is keeping me from being successful. So I am going to take the weekend off. My boyfriend and I made a deal that I will not talk about calories, weight or any of my theories of what I am doing right or wrong. Nothing but enjoying the weekend and getting back to 'myself'.
Monday, if I am feeling refreshed and normal again, I am going to work on the food choices. Really, I just need to gain a fresh clarity. On any normal day, I am a 'healthy' person-- choosing the best foods and making exerise a priority. So I just need to return to myself again. Then I'll be back :) I want my scale to say 134.4 eventually, too.
This has turned into an essay..!

Heather said...

I know what you mean about blogging...when LAWL closed, I really thought that I would struggle without the support of the counselors. but I have found support, and BETTER support, out here in blogland.

Tina said...

Thank you for sharing this... I felt myself nodding when you mentioned that it was good in 2003 and in 2005.. but sometimes things change... we change. I love this community here.. all the support I get. I loved WW meetings too but I have no space in my life for them right now. They just don't fit. And I'm not gonna beat myself up about it. And neither should you (I know you're not, I'm just sayin..). You're awesome! I'm glad you're one of my bloggy friends.

Kathy said...

Count me among the people who are happily prospering without the meetings. I needed the two years I invested in WW to lay down the foundation I'm building on now. I was a MESS when I started!!! But I am benefiting so much more now from blogging! I have a circle of great people like you that I visit every day and this forum allows us to say exactly what we feel...not just what might fit into a WW meeting.

Isn't the whole idea of WW to teach us the tools we need to use to do this? I think we should be grateful for that education, but I see no need to be tied permanently to that company brand.

I have your back if you have mine, girlfriend!