Friday, March 21, 2008

I think the cart looks rather nice in front of the horse

I really need to focus on work today, because mid-afternoon I’m going to skip out of work early and go shopping with an old friend of mine. So what am I doing? Reading blogs and writing a blog post. Brilliant. At least I have my priorities straight.

Hooray for going shopping this afternoon. I haven’t reached goal yet technically, but you wouldn’t know it from how I’ve been buying clothes lately. Over the past two weeks or so I’ve been clothes shopping more than I’d been for the past year. Actually, that doesn’t mean a whole lot since I hadn’t been at all in the past year … but it’s safe to say I’ve hit about 5 different stores in the past few weeks, and I actually purchased things at most of them.

I’m not usually much of a shopper – when I’m not in pajamas working here at home, I live in jeans and t-shirts typically. But I’ve decided that I need to clear out most of my old tee’s and try for a more interesting look. If nothing else, I should aim to pair my jeans with cute tops. Over the past couple weeks I’ve gotten rid of approximately 4.6 million t-shirts and purchased 8 or so tops. It makes me happy to look in my closet and see fun clothing options. It makes me feel good to wear clothes that flatter my slimmer, fitter figure.

To make room for new, cute stuff that fits, I’ve managed to clear out quite a bit of my old clothes … the old stained and/or pill-y and/or stretched out and/or hole-y and/or too-big t-shirts are gone. The jeans and pants that are two big are sitting on my dresser waiting for a trip to the consignment shop. I’ve given some hand-me-ups to my Mom, some sweaters went to a friend, and I have some other clothes that are homeless but I’m actively looking for a new home for them.

I might be putting the cart in front of the horse to do this cleaning-out and shopping before I technically reach goal, but I’m so close. Over the past few weeks I’ve felt good about how I look physically, and any physical changes that’ll happen between 2 weeks ago and actually reaching goal (which will happen very soon) will be subtle to the point of being non-existent. And I tell you, it’s a lot of fun to go shopping when you’re comfortable with how you look! Trying on clothes and having some of them look flattering is a great feeling. Not everything looks great, but some things do. I've found that some jeans are still disturbing-looking, but some look good. Maybe today I’ll even have the guts to try on a bathing suit – I haven’t gone there yet. *shudder* Anyway, for the most part, shopping lately has been very fun.

So if I’m putting the cart before the horse, so be it.

Speaking of putting the cart before the horse, lately I’ve been contemplating what to do AFTER I finish the couch to 5k and run the April 19th race. I know, I know, I’ve got a month to go. But I’ve been wondering … what comes next? I think I’ll need to find a new goal/program. The couch to 5k has worked out so well for me; it motivated me to exercise in a way I hadn’t experienced before. I think the key for me is structure and having a solid end-goal.

I’ve been contemplating the Hal Higdon 10-K Training for a Novice program. I like it because it is a running program that isn’t ALL about running … I can actually cross train, so that (to me) means that in addition to running I can do aerobics or bike or something else I enjoy. The running has been fun, but I do miss the other things I used to do. Incorporating these other activities into a training program is really appealing to me.

I think I’ll have to come up with some “in between the couch to 5k and Hal’s program” program for myself, to work myself up to exercising 6 days a week … right now I’m only exercising 3 days a week. I’ll start mulling over what that in-between program will look like as the next month passes.

I’m not 100% sold on the Hal Higdon program, though. It looks good, but I’m sure I’m not aware of all my options. As someone new to running, I don’t really know what programs are out there. If anyone else has any suggestions for what might come next, I’m all ears.


Amy said...

I have way too many t-shirts too, yet none that I really like. Seems that many have kid-stains on them that went unnoticed before being laundered. I did do some shirt shopping yesterday, just for some casual stuff that didn't stick to my like a sausage casing. $40 and 4 shirts later I think I'm set for a few more stains. has a message board with great people that give great advice on the running subject. Check them out.

Kate said...

I'm totally like you, I either live in PJ's or jeans and hooded sweatshirts. I've learned I need to start wearing clothes that flatter my new figure a little more.

Abimars said...

Good for you shopping for the slimmer you, I'm nowhere near goal but every 5lb loss I treat myself to a new outfit.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love shopping! I am actually very specialized in it. I spent most of my late twenties in boutique stores.

I cannot wait until I reach goal. I am getting a $1000 shopping spress to replace everything I will given away.

I am drooling just thinking about it.

Miss July...not...yet said...

Sometimes you need to do that anyway...just as an extra motivator.

One of my friends that lost a bunch of weight gave away each size so she wouldn't be "tempted" to get back in it...and she never has!

Keep that Cart there, the horse can push it if needs be! :-)

Anonymous said...

Go you! Clearly the cart is self-powered, so why do you even need the horse? :-)

I think it's GREAT that you're getting awesome new clothes...I keep harping on how important it is to wear things that let you enjoy your success.

I'll be interested in hearing about the 10K program too...someday maybe I'll be ready for one and I'll be interested in how you like it.

Have a great weekend!


ashley said...

I love how great we both are with keeping our priorities in line!

That 10K training sounds awesome! I'll be right behind you. Well, a few weeks behind you.. :)

briy said...

Congratulations! :) Luckily there's no clothes where I am that fit me or I would be buying clothes well before goal!

But while I'm doing a C25k run I dream about going into stores and being able to fit in a common size and looking great in a higher percentage of things than previously--just what you described. Good for you! :)

Ready Maid said...

Well, you GO, Girlie Girl! You deserve to complement the new you with clothes to match! Many of us are following in your path, so cut a wide swath, and celebrate your victories.

Hanlie said...

Oh go for it! Shop all you like. Success is not a number on a scale... I'm happy for you!

Kathy said...

What a great post. I feel your happiness and good for you getting rid of those old clothes. I think doing that is symbolic of shedding that "old" image of yourself, as well. I am so happy for you!

Kristy said...

Hey it's really good to go shopping now, with your great new body. New flattering clothes make you like a million bucks and its all about how you feel :)

Trisaratops said...

Totally don't give up on the shopping - you've completely earned your reward, and you're going to meet your technical goal any minute now. so enjoy yourself! And congrats on running - that is really impressive!!

Anonymous said...

Nice post... sounds like you have been busy. You know what... I have found in the last few weeks now that I have dropped a dress size, that I like to dress up for work even though I work at home. And its odd… I find I feel so much better about myself and I think I work better than when I am wearing trackies and a TShirt!

SO... there you go... perfect justification for more shopping for nice new clothes for the beautiful healthy slim new you! You have worked so hard for your new body; you totally deserve to go shopping pre-goal weight!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about starting this exact same Hal Higdon training program after my race on Saturday. I hope you feel better soon so we can continue to be training (and racing) twins!