Saturday, March 22, 2008

Six Word Memoir

This week I was punished by tagged by CDJ write my six word memoir.

Six words! To sum up my life! If you've read my posts before, you know I'm lucky to limit myself to writing six paragraphs on a run that lasts less than 30 minutes. Now I have to write six words to sum up a life that's lasted over 30 years? Hmmm.

Not easy.

No no, that's not my memoir. That won't do; it's only two words.

I had lots of false starts, many that summed up one small part of my life ("Overworked, underpaid; Calgon take me away!"), many that were true at one point but not so much anymore ("Why doesn't spell checking work, dammit?"), but I only came up with one that seemed to sum up many aspects of my life over many years. Drum roll please ...

"Without goals she would get nowhere."

So there you go! My life in six words.

Now I get to torture tag six people. Hmmmm ... how about Ashley, Briy, Sauchagirl, LoserIrene, MomOf3, and JavaChick. Are you guys up for the challenge?


briy said...

Ooh, I love these! We did them in a creative writing class I took last year, and I heard about them again on NPR recently. I'll get to work immediately! :)

MomOf3 said...

This sounds like fun! I will post mine later today!

Ready Maid said...

Actually, that's a pretty profound summation. Most of us could probably use that same six words. Congratulations on your ingenuity.

Amanda said...

wow that was impressive!

Anonymous said...

i am posting mine today.

JavaChick said...

Um. Thanks for thinking of me. I think.

That looks like a toughie, I'll have to give it some thought and see if I can come up with anything. Good job on yours.