Friday, April 18, 2008

Diagnosis: Unknown

Yesterday wasn't the best day I've ever had.

First, I took my new car in to the shop to get window tint added, and I ended up sitting in the car rental place for an hour before they had a car for me. I was sooooooo late to work.

Then in the early afternoon I went to my doctor's appointment to get the results of my CT scan, and (before she'd even talk to me about the test) my doc (TMI warning) gave me a pelvic exam. Not my favorite activity, let me tell ya.

The good news is that the pelvic was fine, but when we (finally) talked about the CT scan I found out that the CT scan results were inconclusive. There is a lesion on my liver that could be nothing at all to worry about, or might be something to worry about. Guess what I get to do this afternoon? I'm going to get an MRI. Joy. Not only do I have to wear a paper outfit and get injected with strange contrast chemicals again, I also get to spend yet another weekend wondering what the hell is going on with my body. I hate waiting on test results. I'll probably hear results on Tuesday.

There's also a cyst on my ovary, which she suspects is just your typical uninteresting and not-of-concern cyst. She's going to leave it alone and re-check the size in 3 months. So in three months, I get to have an ultrasound.

Woo hoo! I'm so excited, because you really can't have too many radiological tests!

Yes, that's sarcasm.

Anyway, to top it off, I get back from the doctor's office and I find that the mailman brought me a present. The car dealership had sent me a big tin of cookies as a thank-you for purchasing my car.

Yummy, tasty, chocolate-chip cookies.

What do I do? I eat a big freakin' pile of them. Yes, I totally regressed into stress eating late yesterday afternoon. I hadn't done that in a loooooooong time.


Hey, at least I ate them with non-fat milk, right?


Kate said...

You know what, after that day, I think I would've eaten all the cookies, plus the tin. So you know, I don't think you did that bad!

paul said...
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paul said...

Goodness, sounds like you had a rough day yesterday, where nothing seems to go quite right. The medical stuff will get sorted out. It's got to be a little difficult right now, having so many questions and no answers. The answers will come.

As for the cookies, no one does perfect all the time, and there isn't much you can do about those eaten cookies, anyway. I'm confident that you'll start a new "no stress eating" streak. You have a great deal of discipline, and you'll get back on track. :) In fact, I'm sure you're already back on track.

It's a bit cliche, but today will be better.

Scale Junkie said...

I would have demolished the whole plate of cookies...I'm sure you're back on track already.

About that recipe on friend is pretty clueless about cooking but she said it was easy.

MMalloy said...

What a day! Seriously, I would have done more damage then a pile of cookies!
I am so excited to hear how the 5K goes, I will be checking in first thing on Monday.
Hope the MRI goes well. I freaked out during mine, they had to pull me out before it even started becuase I was sweating and screaming so bad! Prayers and Hugs!

Hanlie said...

I also get those big fluid cysts on my ovaries from time to time. They're harmless! And I'm sure that the MRI will reveal that everything is in order!

Well done on the 5K!

Cammy said...

Well, shoot, if ever there was a day to give into stress eating,I'm thinking that was the one. :)

Good luck with your 5k, not to mention the MRI!

Da Doo Run Run said...

Boy, that day does suck. I'll be thinking happy thoughts for the MRI.

Don't worry about the stress eating. Last night at like 11:30 PM I ate two chocolate bunnys. What the hell was I thinking? And then today I had BK for lunch. I'm on a downward spiral.

Nicole said...

Oh, jeez. What a great way to spend your weekend. (That was sarcasm there. ;)

Chin up, honey. I'm sure you'll be fine. If indeed it turned out to be "Something," it's obviously so small that it hasn't progressed much. Try to have a good weekend. Hugs, Nicole

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the MRI has all the answers for you. At least you don't have to drink that nasty crap with an MRI. I had 14 CT scans last year, i think i now glow in the dark!

I say enjoy the cookies, it's a stressful time and we do what we need to do to get through.

Hope the weekend is a nice one

Anonymous said...

Um, I am pretty sure it has been scientifically proven that cookies actually have ENORMOUS medicinal value, particularly if they are chocolate chip. You know, like chicken soup. I mean, really, you're just being pro-active and taking charge of your health, here.

Seriously though...yeah, I'd have eaten them. I'd probably have also stopped on the way for drive through poison, stopped at the grocery store and bought chips, and maybe even hit the Dairy Queen or local equivalent.

That's super stressful and honestly, I think you're to be commended for not doing much worse than the cookies. And on the milk. That was a winner! :-)

I hope that everything turns out okay. It's very stressful and wearing to not know what's going on with your body and to have to undergo endless tests with no real conclusive answers. I'll be praying for you too. Hugs!


Kathy said...

Ah...I would probably succumb too! Hope things look up for you!

Megazelle said...

I love your blog.
your day sucked,
but you,
Keep on,

Manuela said...

What a day. I hope that your MRI comes out alright. My mother recently learned that there is something on her liver too but the doctors say don't worry about it.

As for the cookies--you've been doing so great with your weight and exercise that a little stress eating is OKAY!

Take care.

Pattie said...

Be kind to yourself, sweetie. You had a helluva day.

Now, do something really nice for yourself this weekend - whatever would feel would be nurturing and nice. You're worth the effort!

Lora said...

Sure hope that eveything turns out to be nothing to worry about! Nobody in blogland would fault you for eating those cookies either! Please keep us posted!

Swizzlepop said...

I hope everything is okay! I know what you mean about the tests, I have had MORE than my share of CTs, MRIs, Ultra Sounds (both inner and outter YAY-NOT) and anythign else you wanna nemtion. They suck but sometimes they need to be done to make sure you're okay. SLightly TMI but if you were mid-cycle and close to ovulating that is what the cyst on your ovary could be (yea been there too). I hope all results come back negative. Just try and stay positive (easier said than done but it really does help) and keep on top of the doctors with questions. It's your body and your health so you need to know what is going on.

On a totally different note, I'm calling you out for teh May Exercise Challenge :). Check my latest entry for info.

ashley said...

I've heard that if you eat more than 1 cookie, the calories don't count!

I'm sorry about all the hassle with the tests.. I'll keep you in my prayers, Happy.

Anonymous said...

Waiting on tenterhooks to hear how your race went... I hope it was awesome and pain-free!

Heather said...

im so sorry to hear you had a bad day and rough test results. hang in there, and dont worry about the cookies! I would have consumed a bunch myself!

Kathy said...

Hey, thanks for joining me on the ONE PERFECT DAY challenge! I'm so excited to do this and it really helps to know I'm not fighting this battle alone. Thanks, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

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gowildfitness said...

We all deserve a few moments of weakness...Don't beat yourself up over the cookies. Instead, do better tomorrow!

Chris York said...

Love the couch to 5k article. So inspiring. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

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Dani said...

Try to not be too hard on yourself. Everyone is allowed moments of weakness, but it's how we bounce back from them that define us.