Thursday, January 10, 2008

Drink the Kool-Aid

I had these great plans to share some of my favorite points-friendly products with you today. That didn’t pan out - I want to take pictures of the products, but I’ve thrown away the packaging. Maybe another time with that post.

Instead, I’m going to share yesterday’s lunch with you.

Well, I’m not actually going to share my lunch per se; that would be awfully hard given that 1.) I already ate it, and 2.) although the Internet thing has done quite well, technology wizards have not yet created the Eaternet.

Back to the lunch. Yesterday I had a boring lunch … a Lean Cuisine frozen entrée. Not original, I know. And even worse, after I ate the Lean Cuisine, I realized that I had leftover sushi in the fridge! I’d forgotten to eat my leftover sushi from Tuesday night! What a shame. A shame verging on tragedy, in my world view.

I do love sushi.

Sushi … there are very few low points/low cal meals in which you can enjoy a salad (dressing on the side, please), soup, a veggie-tastic appetizer, and a variety of entrées. Variety comes into play since you can have a little nori maki and a little nigiri sushi, and/or different types of fish … mmm mmm mmm. Good stuff. On top of that, you might have leftovers.

Regarding the leftovers, I’m not a complete lunatic. I’m not talking about eating days old raw fish. I do eat the raw fish varieties of sushi (mmmmm diphyllobothrium), but those aren’t the ones that come home with me. There are plenty of cooked or veggie sushi options … California rolls, cucumber rolls, unagi (eel), some places have seared tuna, anything with shrimp, etc. etc. And even with the cooked sushi I make sure I’m eating any leftovers the very next day.

Thus the shame-verging-on-tragedy. If I was to enjoy the leftover sushi, I needed to enjoy it yesterday. And I’d already used my points for my lunch, and I planned to eat dinner with my husband.

In the past during some of my less Weight Watchery moments I might have just scarfed down the leftovers on impulse, then regretted it and beat myself up about it. Instead, I waited until I was hungry for an afternoon snack, I looked at the points I’d already used, I looked at how many points the sushi would be, I estimated how many points I’d be using the rest of the day for other food, and I contemplated my upcoming weekend to decide if I needed to save all or just some of my flex-points.

I worked the numbers. I considered my priorities.

And I ate the sushi.


I essentially ate two lunches, and I didn’t feel guilty, and I didn’t go off plan, and it didn’t throw off my day or my week or my game or anything.

I’m not a Weight Watchers sales person, and I feel like some sort of brainwashed cult member saying this in a public forum, but yesterday made me very grateful for Weight Watchers. They did a good job of giving me some flexibility and helping me make a choice without regret. There are a few things about the program I don’t like (we’ll talk about that some other time), but they do provide some good tools and guidance.

So, the moral of this story is … sushi rocks.

No, wait, that’s not the moral. The moral of this story is drink the Kool-Aid, trust me, drink the Kool-Aid ...

Nononono, that's not it either.

Whatever, forget the whole moral thing. We can be immoral instead. Basically, I wanted to share this with you because it felt so good to indulge, but also be in control. It is a nice change after my out of control indulgences over the holidays.


Ashley said...

I love to read about the advancements you are making within yourself, not just with weight. You are learning to change and acknowledge your habits-- and that is totally inspiring in itself!

I noticed in your profile that you are a proud liberal? What do you think of everything going on now? It's like it's all just mixing up.

...and still waiting for that picture!

HappyBlogChick said...

Thanks, Ashley. Isn't it great how we all inspire and motivate and support each other. You've helped me very much by sharing your story. I had no idea when I started writing this how good for me it would be.

This seems appropriate as a comment on your new post, too.

The political scene right now is a little nuts, but exciting too. I'm optimistic. But anyway, let's not talk politics on here - what a can of worms it could be!

The picture, the picture, I know ... give me just a little time. I'll get back to you soon.

Anonymous said...