Monday, January 7, 2008

I don't like Mondays

Can I just say …

I don’t like Mondays!

These people at my job seem to expect me to work today. What’s up with that?

I’m kidding. I like my job, but I’m feeling a little slammed at the moment. The post-holiday wave of work didn’t hit me last week, but it sure knocked me on my arse this morning.

Monday. *sigh* It’s my first five day workweek in many weeks.

I’m trying very hard not to pout about work. Today, even in all its Monday-ness, isn’t all bad. Today begins my first seven day week of being full-on dedicated to eating well and working out in 2008.

From a Weight Watchers standpoint, my new week of points begins today. Ahhh, the joy of all my flexpoints right there ready for me! And the opportunity to earn activity points, too! Halleluiah for new weeks and fresh starts. The mishaps and slip-ups of the weeks prior are behind us. And I don’t know about you, but I had some rather large mishaps and slipups over the past couple weeks.

There is something else for me to be joyous about, too. Today is my first day back to the gym in weeks. Seriously. I know after the last few posts you probably doubt me about making it to the gym and working out. But you see, I've been holding out. I have a secret weapon. Monday nights are my nights to go to meet my husband and a friend of ours, and we workout together. After we do 20-30 minutes of warm-up and cardio together, then guess what? We meet with a trainer for 60 minutes of ass-kicking … er… I mean strength and interval training.

Before October, I wasn’t on board with the trainer thing. I had a really hard time with the cost (have I mentioned my cheap tendencies?). Plus, I honestly felt like I didn’t need it. I figured workouts on my own and in aerobics/group fitness classes would benefit me just as much. But I was wrong.

You heard me. Wrong. I was wrong.

I originally decided to get a trainer because my husband kept talking about working out, and it never ever happened. Plus, I was exercising, but only intermittently. Really, though, I was more worried about him than me – he’s never been in a regular workout routine, and he doesn’t know much about health and fitness. I’ve been in workout mode on and off and I have half a clue about eating well, but I can only help so much (and there’s only so much he wants to hear from me, in all honesty). As time passes, I get more and more worried about his health.

So, we decided we’d give it a shot with a trainer. To offset the cost, we chose to do the training together and invited a friend to join us. We’ve been working out with our trainer once a week since mid-October (except for the weeks of Christmas and New Years. Our trainer had the audacity to go on vacation. How dare she?).

Working with a trainer has been better than I imagined. Meeting with her once a week really keeps me focused. I’m accountable to her, my husband, and my friend, so it’s really hard to slack completely during the rest of the week. Plus, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been before.

Want me to move all your furniture? Why, I’d be happy to!

Anyway, today I’m back to the gym and back to consistently tracking my food and their points values. Know what that means? I will be able to fit back into my jeans before too long.

Hooray for today!

Oh, lunch is over – back to work.

Did I mention, I don’t like Mondays? (And for those of you familiar with the song, no, I’m not going on a shooting spree … I won’t even go on an eating binge.)


Kathy said...

Good luck with the gym and have some fun with those flex points! Hungry Girl had a list this morning of some great new items that are coming out soon.

HappyBlogChick said...

Ooooh, thanks for the tip! I also liked the "top ate" list on the front page. I'm familiar with some of the ones towards the top but not the bottom ones.

Note to self, check local grocery stores ...

Tina said...

Haha! Love the blog already. I WILL be back! :) Thanks for lurking around my site too! Very humbling when people are interested in what I write. And hooray for you getting back to the gym. Mine is calling my name ever so faintly...

Ashley said...

Everyone loves your blog! You're creating a following.

Doesn't it feel good to get back into exercise and healthy eating? It's totally worth it.

And I can relate to worrying about your spouse.. sometime boys will be boys.. but their health! That's great you two are working together.

Good luck with the trainer! I'm sure it's well worth the money.

Roni said...

I HATE MONDAYS! Especially mondays after being off for 3 WEEKS!

Good luck with the trainer! I'm thinking of signing up this week!

HappyBlogChick said...

Thanks, Tina. I enjoyed yours, too. I enjoy EVERYONE'S blogs, really. It is so nice to know we're not in this alone.

Ashley, it does feel good to be back in the groove. Sometimes it is hard to get there, but once I get started it is such a relief.

Roni, I really love our trainer. We lucked out on finding a good one right away, but I hear some people have to try a couple before they find something they can work with. If you don't have a great experience, try someone else, because I think it REALLY helps. (And I was such a skeptic before!)

You guys are all great. Thanks so much for the support.

HappyBlogChick said...

OOPS, to edit the post above, I meant "...some people have to try a couple before they find someONE they can work with."

I am aware the trainer is a someone, not a something. Ugh. I'm out of it. It is very past my bedtime, and I am beat after going to the gym. Goodnight, all!