Tuesday, January 8, 2008

If I offend you, I apologize. But I was amused.

This post is very off-topic when it comes to fitness, but when something makes me laugh my self control for topic editing goes out the window and I have to share.

Like most folks, I have my blog set up so that I get an email when comments are posted. Last night I checked email, and I saw that a couple people commented. One of the comment emails I got last night said:

“Your pussy scares me.”

Sweet jay-zus! Who is posting these things on my blog? I’m no prude, but I about had a heart attack. What had I said or done to elicit that kind of comment? What do they have against my weight loss journey?

I look at the email more closely.

Um, yeah. That wasn’t a comment on my blog. When I’d visited another blog a few days ago, I commented and selected the option to be emailed when additional comments are made. That was a comment on this blog* .

Ahhhhh! That makes so much more sense, really.

So this morning I just want to say thanks for the comments … and thanks for not commenting about my pussy. Pussy comments freak me out.

*Don’t be scared to click through – it it isn’t porn. It's just an entertaining blog I’ve followed through the years. Check out some of her other posts too.


Lora said...

I'd probably have deleted the comment! LOL

Take care!

HappyBlogChick said...

Well, I did delete the email, but the comment wasn't mine to delete. :-)

Taj said...

LOL! I found that comment to be pretty funny. And I clicked through to that post and laughed some more!

I also would have proudly displayed that comment. *hangs head*

Here via a comment you left at Nerdy Redneck!

HappyBlogChick said...

I think I've been waiting for a bad/hateful/spam/angry/something comment, but I was really surprised to see such an unflattering reference to my delicate lady-parts. Especially given that I haven't discussed my delicate lady-parts on this blog!

Once it wasn't about me and was about the other post, I thought it was funny too. Funny both within context of the cat post, and because I thought it was for my blog. Hee hee!