Sunday, January 6, 2008

A quickie (update, that is)

Nope, no gym or workout yesterday, either. The weight numbers I've logged over the last day or two aren't telling the whole story - I've been eating well the last few days but not moving my bod, and so the weight is dropping but my body fat percentage isn't. Not that body fat percent changes that quickly, but it's still something to ponder. Maybe I'll need to add a body fat percentage tracker to the blog, too.

My scale is a Tanita BC-534 with all kinds of bells and whistles. It gives me weight, % body fat, % body water, bone mass, and "metabolism age" (whatever that is). I bought it when I reached goal last time in hopes that I could maintain by weighing and tracking. That worked for a while, but apparently weighing and tracking but also eating everything in sight doesn't really keep me slender. Who knew?

OK, I also stopped getting on the scale eventually. That didn't help either.

Anyway, the scale's body fat measurement isn't perfect, but it seems to line up fairly well with the gym numbers, and I figure it's fine for measuring trend.

Hmmm ... yeah, I should add that table, or add to the current table. Keep an eye out over the next week for body fat info.

Speaking of the tracking tables, I need to give a shout-out to Amy for giving me the idea of adding a scrolling table to track my weight. I wasn't quite sure how to record all the daily weigh-in numbers without it eventually becoming crazy-long. Thanks to Amy, problem solved!


Ashley said...

Hi! I was just reading your blog (and will totally be back), and I love your scrolling weight tracker. That would really help keep me accountable. Could you Please! tell me how I can get one? Thanks!

HappyBlogChick said...

Hi Ashley - welcome! I found scrolling table code on this website:

If you need more details than that, shoot me an email and I'll send you a text file with my table code in it. (My email addy is in my profile.)

Good luck to you with your html code. It took some playing on my part, but I finally got it. I'm still very much learning.

Ashley said...

Thanks so much for that code, I'm going to figure it out now.

Isn't that moose munch evil? We got a whole package of it in my office. I couldn't even feel guilty when I finished the last bit... I was so glad it was over with!

I'll be back to reading your blog. Thanks!

Amy said...

You got the table to work! Woohoo! I really wish blogger would give more room on the sides for that kind of stuff. Ah well.

...and you are going to the gym tomorrow....right!?!

Ashley said...

I couldn't get the table to work! I'm also not so computer savvy, so I'll look at the other option you gave...

I'll go you the gym if YOU go to the gym! =)

Lora Ramirez said...

Hi, Happy!

Ashley already said what I wanted to say! :)

Nice blog! I'm learning, too!

HappyBlogChick said...


And yes yes yes, I am definitely going today. :-)

Amy said...

I just posted table instructions on my blog. Ashley, I also put a link on your blog, in the comments to make sure you'd see it!

Hope it helps anyone!

Ashley said...

Thank you SO much! You are awesome!

I will definitely try it when I get home! =)

Abimars said...

thanks for the info on the table, I just put it on my blog as well

disa said...